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childminder unsociable hrs...

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cornflake3 · 16/10/2006 08:38

Help please! What do you guys charge if you do hrs that are early in the morning b4 i officlally start? I have been asked to start at 7am one day but dont normally have her until 8.15?Thanks x

OP posts:

dmo · 16/10/2006 09:26

i charge £3 per hour normally
but on weds/thurs i work till 8.30pm so for the 2 hrs extra i charge £5 per hour


CwmbranChildminder · 16/10/2006 09:43

I would charge £5 for the 1hr and 15mins


HappyMumof2 · 16/10/2006 09:56

Message withdrawn


nzshar · 16/10/2006 10:01

I charge double time for any hours before 8am and after 6pm


looneytune · 16/10/2006 10:10

I'm a fool then. I usually charge £3.50 per hour 8-6 but £4 outside these hours. Hate starting at 6.45am, never thought to double fee


cornflake3 · 16/10/2006 12:07

Thank you i will charge 5.00 otherwise she may ask agaion and hopefully this will put her off!lol

OP posts:

HenniPenni · 16/10/2006 13:22

Looney, I'm the same, I only charge 50p an hour extra too. Have thought about charging double as I hate the unsociable hours bit.


Twoandabump · 16/10/2006 21:13

I charge time and a half for unsociable hours, but it depends on the child! I have one mindee that stays overnight sometimes, and then I just charge mum the same rate, but through the night as well. The only time she gets time and a half is on a weekend.


ThePrisoner · 17/10/2006 00:36

I "officially" work between 7.30am - 6.00pm. On the occasions that I've worked before or after these hours, I've charged the same rate.

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