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Ideas for a leaving present for nanny

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covenoveneer · 15/10/2006 13:27

It is our nanny's last day soon. She has been with us for almost a year. I am at a loss as to what to get her for a leaving present so would welcome any ideas. She also has a 2 year old who she brings with her to work. Should I also buy her a little something.

OP posts:
WitchICouldGiveUpWork · 15/10/2006 14:24

We gave ours a weeks salary(other nannies have commented in the past they like the cash!),a large canvas print of her and dd and a few little other bits-we did love her though!
I would definitely buy something for her child though.

kkey21 · 15/10/2006 18:39

One of my leaving presents for my job of 4 years was a top-to-toe day at a health farm, 'Henlow grange' although i know was it was approx £180 as i am soon to go again!
It was an amazing day i will never forget.

FredArthur · 16/10/2006 08:34

We've had to do this twice now, and one got cash, because we knew she was strapped for it, and the other a flying lesson, because she always wanted to do new things. However, for both I did a little book filled with photos of the kids (and the nanny where I had them), and then got the kids to help decorate it with a few stickers. They both loved that (one cried) and it was a nice way of showing that we knew they were important to us and to the kids.

ummbilal · 12/11/2006 21:47

i would say a piece of jewelry, my mum worked as a nanny before getting married and having kids and she was given a beautiful ring by a family she worked for in Ireland and treeasured it for many years.

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