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CM CLUB: Buying a people carrier!..need advice on financial side for business!

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StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 08/10/2006 21:02

ok so today we have discussed and decided if i can get one more full time mindee, i will buy myself a people carrier for th business.
(probably a luverly nice bright multipla as seen a scenic today and wasnt impressed)

how can i make it work financially for me? ie: how can i get the most money back/tax deductable from it?
can i write it all off? or a percentage?

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StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 08/10/2006 21:03

by the way i do not want to 'write it all off' as in write the car off!..god forbid, i bumped this one and dont want to jinx myself!!!

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StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 10:13


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smeeinit · 09/10/2006 10:16

i bought a renault scenic for the buisness but as i claim mileage i cant claim a for the car. you can either claim your 40p per mile or for the car.......a proportion of it anyway.
i think 40p a mile is generous if you do a fair biot of mileage as i do,otherwise may make more sense to claim for the car. hth?!

looneytune · 09/10/2006 10:19

watching this thread with interest as i'm buying one as soon as we've moved.

what do you reckon you will go for? shall i start a 'review' thread where people can name their people carrier and tell us what they think?

smeeinit · 09/10/2006 10:22

good idea hindsight i proberly wouldnt have bought a scenic as i can only fit a max of 4 children in,having said that its boot space is huge whereas the 7 seaters have a tiny boot.

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 10:26

well i like the multiplas, but dp showed me a scenic(the one with 7 seat but middle seat in middle has lap belt?) and today i saw a fiat ullysees or something which also had 7 seats!

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smeeinit · 09/10/2006 10:34

oh i didnt know you could get a 7 seat scenic! how odd having a lap belt in middle tho?! dont know why they do that,not safe in my opinion mine has a 3 point belt in middle.
i think if i were to get another mpv it would be a ford galaxy,loads of room and parts are cheap!

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 10:36

think its a scenic??????

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StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 10:37

nah, just looke dem up dont like ulyses or what ever they are!

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StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 19:37

oooooooooooooh i like the mazda5!!!.sadly cant go that high!

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Katymac · 09/10/2006 19:42

Work out your weekly mileage x by 50

The work out your depreciation (say 25%) over 5 yrs {eg((((((10,000x25%)x25%)x25%)x25%)x25%)= £7,600 approx}

Add in services/parts/MOT/Insurance etc (all for 5 yrs) (then divide by 5)

Then compare the 2 figures
that will tell you which way to go

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 19:42


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SPACEdoutzombieCADET · 09/10/2006 19:51

ive got a zafira and i love it.

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 09/10/2006 19:54

i do like zaphira's but the interior is so plain (in comparison to a multipla i suppose most is!)

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SPACEdoutzombieCADET · 12/10/2006 11:54

it depends what model you get, the higher spec it is, the nicer it is inside, however i do agree that zafiras interiors are plain \nd boring,i hate my grey seats..yuk!

StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 15/10/2006 20:19

soooo..what if im buying the car solely for business 100% only used for my work??can i claim back the full amount as tax deductable????

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