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Childminders - NCMA or Morton Michel???

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Hollylou · 06/10/2006 22:13

Hi all

I'm currently going through the CM registration process - have OFSTED coming on Monday. Just wondered if anyone has any top tips on whether I should choose NCMA or Morton Michel as my insurance provider. I have to admit I liked the look of the Morton Michel binder when I saw it at the pre-reg briefing session...but thought I'd ask some of you experts out there what you think. After all...'looks' aren't everything...are they???!

Would welcome your thoughts.

OP posts:
doodlebop · 06/10/2006 22:40

I have always used NCMA as it was easier to purchase/renew along with my membership (single payment).

gooseegg · 07/10/2006 08:13

Check out the small print very carefully on both policies before you decide. I use Morton Michel because they cover accidental injury to parents of minded children as well as to minded children.
Something the NCMA's insurance doesn't cover(or at least didn't - it MAY have changed, so check).

ayla99 · 07/10/2006 09:11

I've always bought the NCMA policy, along with membership. I feel obliged to support the only organisation solely concerned with supporting childminders. Also I've heard of problems where MM have shown a lack of knowledge of childminding matters (to be fair, I've also heard they have dealt with some claims smoothly).

What puts some people off NCMA is that you have to pay for membership to be able to buy the public liability insurance. So if you're not bothered about being a member of NCMA, MM works out cheaper and this is the deciding factor for many.

But follow gooseeggs advice - get a sample policy from each & compare what you're getting.

Whatever you decide about the insurance, I would recommend NCMA membership for at least your first year though - there's lots of useful info in their membership booklets; comes in handy to refer to when you're submitting your first tax return etc

amphion · 07/10/2006 20:41

I have the Morton Michel binder with all the paperwork and I find it really good - and Ofsted inspector seemed happy with it all. Can buy the paperwork without the insurance if you want but it's then more expensive. You can still go on NCMA courses if you don't belong to NCMA, though may have to pay a slightly higher course fee but not always.

dmo · 07/10/2006 22:09

i use NCMA always found it easy to use as everything is explained
also being an NCMA member you get lots of news relating to childminding through your door so your aware of new changes etc

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