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Average Childminder Wage South East

10 replies

Haily111 · 04/10/2006 20:15

Hello i was just wondering what the average pay (pref. hourly) is for a Childminder?

Thank you

OP posts:

Katymac · 04/10/2006 22:27

Which bit of SE

Norfolk £3

Central London up to £7 or £8


nzshar · 04/10/2006 22:56

Watford anywhere between £3 and £6 depending on experience and qualifications. So as you can see even within a small area it can vary


nannynick · 05/10/2006 07:23

Childminders in my area (Surrey/Berkshire border) tend to charge around £4-£5 per hour, per child. However, this is not the Childminder's average pay per hour - as there are lots of factors to build in, such as expenses. Turnover per hour can at times be £30 per hour or more (with income from over 8's), but there will be periods of the day when it can be £4-£5, or even nothing.
Instead of average pay... are you more interested in average turnover, say per month, per year? Some childminders in my area have a monthly turnover exceeding £2000, but do remember that expenses need to come out of that, so it's not all profit.


Haily111 · 05/10/2006 10:31

Sorry i will explain, i want to leave my dd (will be 7 months when i'll leave her) from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening for two or three days a week. I was just trying to see how much it is going to cost monthly. And it is in Eastbourne

Thank you

OP posts:

anee · 05/10/2006 13:36

Hi,I am Childminder i SE1 I live next to TOWER BRIDGE and i charge £5 h,£40 a day or 160 a week,anyway I am very flexible....;)))
If someone is interested please call me 07908632011.


badgerhead · 05/10/2006 13:39

I am in Horsham & charge either £3.60 or £4 per hour depending on how many hours are wanted a week, I would say Eastbourne would probably be between £3 to £4 an hour


IdrisTheDragon · 05/10/2006 13:42

We're in Bedfordshire and I pay £6.50 an hour for DD and DS together. If it was just DS it would have been £4 per hour I think. Or maybe £4.50


nannynick · 05/10/2006 14:30

Sorry, no idea on cost in Eastbourne, though from posts here so far you are probably looking somewhere from £3 to £7 per hour.

ChildcareLink alas does not list costings for childminders in Eastbourne - at least the first 10 on the list who had vacancies didn't show a price.

To obtain a list of childminders in the Eastbourne area with vacancies, contact: Kites 0845 601 0777
You can then call a few childminders and confirm their hourly fees as well as what extras may be on top (outings, toddler group, food, nappies etc.)


HappyMumof2 · 05/10/2006 14:37

Message withdrawn


franyfroo · 06/10/2006 13:09

Try ringing local childrens info servs, they should be able to give you and idea or search childminder websites in eastborne, ring a few. depends how close to station bus stop ete etc. most can be quite flexible and dont forget lots of companies help with voucher schemes etc. course, if you worked in croydon, there is always me

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