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For those of you who use your parents for childcare when you are at work...

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Sparkler1 · 04/10/2006 19:39


I went back to work three weeks ago as dd2 has just started school mornings only until after half term when she will be full time. I've been lucky enough that DH has been able to take dds to school in the mornings but my mum has been collecting dd2 at lunchtime for me and walking back to my home and looking after her for just over an hour for me. (I work part time so am home to collect dd1 from school myself).
Mum has helped me now almost every day I have worked over the three weeks. She has told me that she has enjoyed every minute being with her grand-daughter and doesn't mind helping me out (she doesn't work herself because of ill-health) and it gives her something to do.
I am just interested to hear from other people who have their parents to help out with their children and to see how they work. Do you pay them as you would a childminder? Are they happy to do it as a favour? Or what other ways are there that you work around them?
There is no way mum would even consider taking payment off of me so I have told her today that when I get my first pay packet I shall be taking her and my stepdad out for a meal to thank them for their help.

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Sunnysideup · 04/10/2006 20:03

Hi sparkler. Funny you should post this as today when I got home I felt awful, my mum looked so tired

She has had my ds one day a week for about the last year, but I recently started a new job two days a week; my mum now has ds two days a week (takes him to school for two hours in the morning, then has him at home for the afternoon till about 6pm) This is only until January when ds will be full time at school and my employers have agreed to let me work school hours only.

Like yours my mum would never take a penny for having ds.

But my mum is in her 60's and I really felt today maybe I am asking too much; however over her dead body would I get a childminder! And I really do want his care to be consistent while he starts school.

The plus side is my DS' bond with his gran is really something profound and special. The downside is the guilt from feeling I am asking a hell of a lot of my mum......

myermay · 04/10/2006 20:10

Message withdrawn

maggi · 05/10/2006 13:13

Can someone tell me if I'm right....

If you take payment (even if it is a bunch of flowers) then you are acting as a childminder and need to be registered. And doesn't this apply to grandparents?????

I can't find the rule about it in my book.

anniediv · 05/10/2006 13:15

I thought it didn't apply to 'blood relatives'? Could be wrong...

ssd · 05/10/2006 13:19

hi everyone.

my mum would love to help me with my kids and I'd love her help but she's 79 now and too old.
she did help for a few hours when my oldest was a baby.
I hope all the grans are as good with the kids as my mum was/is when we visit, it's great the bond between kids and grandparents when it all works out.

just wanted to show you all support and same for the grannies!

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