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how much do u spent on mindees at christmas?

16 replies

dmo · 02/10/2006 16:30

how much is ok?
I normally spend £10 each but have 18 mindees
if they are full time with £100 a week or more i spend £15-£20

what do you do?

OP posts:

anniediv · 02/10/2006 16:34

Gosh, really dmo?? I am not a CM and I don't use one, but you would spend that much on your mindees? Surely the parents don't expect it? I am


HappyMumof2 · 02/10/2006 16:39

Message withdrawn


Bozza · 02/10/2006 16:41

DS's CM generally buys him a book. I think this is plenty. Would try and gradually rein back a bit dmo.


Twoandabump · 02/10/2006 16:45

I cm, and usually spend £10 on full timers and £5 on part timers, but to be honest it is more a thought about pressie so could be less but I know they will love it.

I have 2 f/t and 7 p/t potentially to buy for, but they do give my lo's a pressie at Christmas, so only fair!


Ineedaholiday · 02/10/2006 16:52

I spend about £5 or £6 on them, I wouldnt spend much more than that. I do watch out for stuff in sales though to try and get them something nice.


dmo · 02/10/2006 16:58

thats my problem some mindees buy for me and my boys
at easters its bad as i give one egg and they give me 3-4 back

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 02/10/2006 17:00

a token gift is fine imo


syrup · 02/10/2006 17:53

Wow how generous? I'm afraid I'd probably spend £15-£20 on my own children and I know that my boys would be extremely pleased with a book or such especially if it had been chosen with there interests in mind. £5 would be more than adequate. My ds1 was thrilled to bits with his "nursery book" (percy the park keeper) and took it to bed with him at night. He couldn't have been more chuffed and it was given to him by his favourite teacher.


dmo · 02/10/2006 19:24

might get books then
i'm in thebooks for children club and ordered a book for one of my mindees for £9

what do u do for past mindees as one of my mindees left in april and came with prezzis for my sons b/days in june and aug?

also i still buy presents for another past mindee who left 2 yrs ago

am i too soft? costing me a bomb all these prezzis

OP posts:

Katymac · 02/10/2006 19:27

I hope you put them thro' your books


dmo · 02/10/2006 19:31

course i do plus extras

OP posts:

samx · 02/10/2006 19:33

hi i am a cm and new to MN. i usually spend about £5 each on the under 5s and buy a selection box for my after school kids but i have one child that i have looked after for nearly 5 years and i buy her what she wants IE for her birthday last week i bought her a horse riding lesson and i'll prob buy her another for xmas. her mother bought me a spa day at centre parcs for xmas approx £65 so i feel appreciated and as much part of her family as she is mine.


smeeinit · 02/10/2006 19:51

bloody hell dmo 15quid?!! !
i spend a fiver on all of them regardless of full/part time.
if they have left me then i will just send a card.


StrawberryFULLMoonOWOWOWWWWWWW · 02/10/2006 19:53

check out all the cheapy book shops springing up..i got 4 for a fiver last week and some good ones!


dmo · 03/10/2006 12:58

i really hate selection boxes all my family know and my boys never get them
i just think of them as a present with no thought that you threw in the shopping trolly while
seeing as i have so many mindees i will scale down then to £5 or £10 for full timers
thanks mn

OP posts:

amphion · 05/10/2006 11:23

At the beginning of the arrangement I ask that we don't swap presents at birthdays and Christmas. This makes it a lot easier for all of us. On birthdays I do a cake (can be a simple shop-bought sponge jazzed up with sweets) - the children love this. At other times, if parents want to show their appreciation, I prefer gifts like drawing paper, felt tips etc that the children can use, to personal gifts. Sometimes its lovely if a parent just says thank you for anything you have done. A lot of the time you can make a real effort but they seem to take it for granted.

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