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CM Club - older mindee - no english

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coral · 02/10/2006 12:33


I don't often post in this section as there is always such a wealth of experience answering all the queries!! I wondering therefore if anyone has experience of taking on an older (3.8 yrs) mindee with no English? I have one starting this week and, although I am really looking forward to it, am slightly concerned about the initial language and communication barrier. Mum is keen for her to be completely english speaking in my setting as she will go to school next Septemeber and she wants her to be much more confident with english by then. However, does anyone have any tried and tested tips for easing communictation in the early stages?

Many thanks. Coral.

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cece · 02/10/2006 12:35

you will need a set of pictures for things like toilet, fork, spoon etc so you can get your meaning across initially I would think.


dmo · 02/10/2006 12:38

there are videos in the libary near me about baby sign language maybe that would work
its signs like making your hands into a cup (do u want a drink) but also asking at the same time


ThePrisoner · 02/10/2006 20:39

Assuming that the mum speaks English, I would ask her to write down words or phrases that you might need to know. I've minded several children with no English or limited English - the parents warned me about certain words/phrases that would be said ("I need the toilet NOW" being one of the most important!)

I have a smattering of some European languages, so for some of the children I've had, was able to pronounce some of the words myself that were written down. Although the child was picking up the English, they didn't feel quite as isolated as they might have been.

You will probably find that you naturally use some sort of sign language.

I would definitely go for a set of pictures though - go through an Argos catalogue perhaps!


coral · 02/10/2006 21:06

Thanks for the suggestions. I think phrases and pictures will definitely be the initial step to take. Will spend the evening making up and laminating some little booklets for me and mindee to use I think! Looking through my books I have also found a DK toddler book of everything with has lots of good pictures in it so will keep that handy as well.

If anyone has any different tips I would also be interested in them - I want to make the transition between home & my house as smooth as possible. Thanks Coral

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