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CM Club : retainers!

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saltire · 30/09/2006 10:47

I recently started with 2 girls (sisters) they are the 2nd week into their settling in period and everything is going well. Probelm is, they go on school holidays for 2 weeks in a weeks time. They will be finished their settling in period in the middle of the hols. I don't do a contract with the parents until the settling in period is finsihed. Anyway, i won't have the girls at all during any school holiday, but the mother obviously is going to pay me a retainer, but i'm a bit stuck as how to work it out!
The hours are part time, varying.
For example

A & B 7.30 am until 9am. A goes to school. B comes home with me. I have her until 12, when she goes to nursery. Some days i will pick her up at 3, along with her sister, other days i won't, the mother will.
So I am a bit stuck how to work the retainer out for the holidays, as we don't yet have set hours on a contract. Does that make sense.
I thought about adding up all the hours i will have them in october, working out how much it would cost and then halving it!.
Have never really had this problem before, as most other mindees i have in the holidays

OP posts:

StrawberryMoon · 01/10/2006 19:28

so you charge for dropping off and collecting one at end of day?
and other
is in pre school ,meaing you have her all day apart from 2 1/2 hours when in nursery?

id charge full rate personally..if the parents are off at this time, they will still get holiday pay and you couldnt possibly fill a palce for a firtnight..worst case get some one say no..child a and b's parents decide they're going to be SAHP??far fetched but you cant take the risk of losing money/prospective mindees and you ARE available to work, they have chose not too!..good luck

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