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flokins · 29/09/2006 20:38

any suggestions about paye?

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flokins · 29/09/2006 20:41

Sorry, meant to ask if payefornannies website is enough or should I look further? We share our nanny so should we pay her tax separately or together? Are there repurcussions for our nanny if we admit only a minimum number of hours for tax purposes? Any tips gratefully received...

OP posts:

jura · 29/09/2006 21:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bluebear · 30/09/2006 10:51

we use nannypaye for our shared nanny (he splits it so that the tax allowance is shared between the families so it's fair for everyone)..give them a ring, they are very friendly and with give advice even if you arent' a client - yet


Uwila · 30/09/2006 14:52

Pay her in gross, not net.


Bluebear · 30/09/2006 15:00

I agree with Uwila - pay her gross - it means you know what you are paying out, whatever the tax situation is.

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