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what type of evening meal do you give mindees who stay for dinner????

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goldfinger13 · 29/09/2006 17:51

at the moment i'm used to cooking for my family inc. 1 evening mindee and would typically cook Spag. Bol; Chicken & Rice; chilli con carne stuff like that. I 've got some new vacancies now and wanna know what the general concensus is. I'm looking for less time in the kitchen!!!

OP posts:
zoeuk1 · 29/09/2006 18:13

i do pasta, stir fries, hotdogs etc. all take just a small amount of time in the kitchen.

dmo · 29/09/2006 18:15

i cook a big eveining meal and separate what i need for lunch the day after

FeelingOld · 29/09/2006 19:36

Casseroles are fab, just stick everything (meat, potatoes, veg) in the slow cooker & leave it.
Agree that stir fries and pasta are quick and easy also anything you can prepare in bulk and freeze eg shepherds pie, spag bol, lasagne, chicken & mushroom pie, fish pie, meatballs, fish cakes, home made chicken nuggets etc.

Katymac · 29/09/2006 20:54

Rice & Veggies/fish
Couscous & veggie/fish
Mince & mash

smeeinit · 29/09/2006 21:09

cottage pie +veg
chicken curry and rice
cheese and tomoto/ham/tuna pasta
spag bol
asparagus rissoto(does take a long time to cook!)
pizza and croquettes +veg
sausage (normally veggie) and mash + veg
veggie/chicken stew
roast chicken/pork,pots and veg
meatballs with new pots and veg

FioFio · 29/09/2006 21:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

smeeinit · 29/09/2006 21:11

pmsl at fio!!

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