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how do you all plan

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franyfroo · 29/09/2006 15:09

your weeks activities, do you put a timetable up or just decide on impulse

OP posts:

smeeinit · 29/09/2006 15:19

i plan in my head!
works for me,we do alot of outside activities and i plan a week in advance what we will be doing and let the parents/children know a day or 2 before.
i dont have a timetable up but if the parents asked for it i certainly would do it.
i also do alot of stuff on impulse also.........u have to change plans at last minute in this job dont you?!!


dmo · 29/09/2006 18:12

whats planning


FeelingOld · 29/09/2006 19:43

I have a rough monthly plan eg set my theme, decide what activities/arts etc we will be doing within this theme and plan to fit them in somewhere within the month IYSWIM.
BUT if mindee turns up and I say right shall we do xx then and they would rather do yy today and xx tomorrow or are too tired to do xx today I have no problem with moving things around, thats what we as childminders do best its called flexibility


FeelingOld · 29/09/2006 19:47

My last post is a bit hard to understand isn't it??
What I mean is we are now doing 'autumn' (imaginitive aren't I??) and I planned to do leaf printing today but instead we went to a harvest festival display and took some veg/fruit to an old couple over the road cos it was a nice day so we will do the leaf printing next week cos it might be raining then. See I have a plan but its not set in stone.

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