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am i being mean??? re.snacks

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zoeuk1 · 28/09/2006 20:35

i look after 5 children after school(7 including my own 2 ds's). i offer them a snack while they are here. something like slice of toast + fruit or bread sticks/dip + fruit etc. they are only here for a maximum of 2-3 hours. they are always asking for more food tho and ive had to start saying no. one mindee stays for dinner 3 times a week and i charge £1 for a meal. today one mindee had her snack, she then wanted a sandwich. i explained to her that she'd had her snack and she'll be having her dinner when she got home. am i being mean not giving the children more to eat. i include snacks in my hourly fee. i sometimes feel that they are asking for more food just to see how much they can get away with...sorry this is so long!!!

OP posts:

FeelingOld · 28/09/2006 20:42

Some of my mindees can eat for england!!!!
I give them toast/teacakes/apples/bananas/breadsticks etc but you have to say no some of the time or they wouldn't possibley eat their tea. I don't think you are being mean, as long as they have a decent snack and a drink I think that is fine.


dmo · 28/09/2006 20:43

i have up to 10 children each night
i try to give them a choice each evening

  1. sandwiches, fruit and biscuits
  2. pizza, fruit, ice-lolly
  3. toast, fruit, cake
  4. bread sticks, yougurt, gingerbread men
  5. hot dogs on buns, fruit,

hairymclary · 28/09/2006 20:46

I don't think that's mean at all. You could mention it to the parents though, just by asking if they want you to give them dinner as they're always hungry


MrsApronstrings · 28/09/2006 20:46

onr girl I minded (briefly) after playschool once said her dad had told her to eat as much as she could while she was at my house


cornflake3 · 28/09/2006 20:47

One of my mindees isd like this she knows now that she has her 1 snack with me then has to wait for more when she gets hiome..she pushes iut and asks for more but i keep saying no..


zoeuk1 · 28/09/2006 20:59

dmo...are they just the snacks you provide?! pizza and sandwiches, i would charge as a meal!
mrsapronstrings...tonight one of the mindees asked me for more and i said no, and she said that her mum/dad said she could eat whatever she wanted to. i told her that she couldnt here, because then all the other children would want more to eat.
i did mention to one mother today about her child being hungry after her snack. she didnt really say anything.

OP posts:

hairymclary · 28/09/2006 21:02

maybe it would work better if you have a set snack time? That way they can choose which snack they want and that is that.


FrannyandZooey · 28/09/2006 21:05

I like my child to be able to eat whenever hungry (within reason) as I think it is healthy for them to learn to manage their own hunger etc

I can see there are some problems with this at a childminders. I think I would have a drawer or shelf with snacks that the children were allowed to help themselves to whenever they were hungry - with cheap, plain but nutritious food such as apples, bananas, raisins, breadsticks, oatcakes etc. I would cover the cost in my hourly rate and point out to parents that this is what you are providing at no extra charge (OR charge extra £1 per day for snacks and let parents know this covers as much as child wants to eat - I would think £1 per child would even out over a week?)


dmo · 28/09/2006 21:41

i think sandwitches are snacks
but then i dont caharge for meals
each mindee must east 2/3 pieces of friut a nighr each which can be costly but i dont mind


lisalisa · 28/09/2006 21:48

Message withdrawn


BudaBabe · 28/09/2006 21:56

No idea bout CM issues but my DS often comes in from school and just eats constantly till bed-time.

They have growing spurt, days then they didn't eat much lunch etc etc.

I have a friend whose 3 DCs are constantly hungry. If I have them for a ply-date I make sure I have lots of fruit and a substntial dinner at about 5/5.30. Then they will still eat more and go home and claim to be hungry!


soapbox · 28/09/2006 21:58

My DCs would be starving by that time, even with a snack - no way they can wait past 5ish for a proper meal. Mine eat at noon at school so that would mean a long gap with only a small snack.

I think a full sandwich and fruit/yoghurt would be a better solution, and that is afterall only one more slice of bread and a bit of ham or cheese more than you do atm.

I'd work in an extra 50p a day next time you do fee increases to cover the additional cost.


sorrell · 28/09/2006 21:58

Charge extra and feed the poor children. My kids need tea by 5pm at latest plus snacks.


sorrell · 28/09/2006 22:00

2-3 hours after school? They must be starving. I used to eat an entire cake (ie a Jamaica ginger cake!) after school and still eat my tea at 5pm, and I was skinny.


thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 28/09/2006 22:03

my kids can actually go until 6 or 6.30 without eating another post-lunch at all. But that's not very relevant to zoeuk. I don't think you're being mean - more that the parents are! tell them - tell them one snack (give specific examples) is included in your rate but you don't feel it's enough. offer to feed them more for a charge or ask them to provide something.


sorrell · 28/09/2006 22:04

Yes, you are not mean, but parents clearly do not understand. Charge more and feed the mites.


nzshar · 28/09/2006 22:20

I have this problem with 7 year old mindee. I give him a snack when we get in from school run usually consists of crumpet or toast, raisins, fruit of these things he can eat as much as he wants in one sitting. But once he has said he has had enough he knows thats all there is, another helping a half hour later will not be given. He does usually complain of getting hungry around 5 30 which is 5-10 mins before his mum arrives so explain that he will be going home to eat in a little while.


mumbomama · 29/09/2006 12:34

my mindees and own children only have a small snack after school (fruit, breadstick or raisins)
I didn't realise that other cms gave such substantial snacks

Although, we do have tea at 4:45pm (as mindee leaves at 5:30pm)so they don't have long to wait until more food.


zoeuk1 · 29/09/2006 13:34

lisa lisa...i have the mindees from 3.15pm until 5.15pm. only 2 hours. and the one that stays until 6pm has a cooked meal that i charge £1 for.
if the mindees were all here until 6 or 7pm then of course they would need a meal. i have mentioned it to one mother that her child is hungry but she dismisses it and says, well we'll be having dinner when we get in'. that mindee is here until 5.15pm. one of the mindees is always on a diet! yet is constantly asking for more food. i have 4pm as snack time. they then choose either toast and as much fruit as they want and milk or juice or breaksticks with dips and again as much fruit as they want. im going to have to keep saying no i think until they realise that im not paid to feed them all meals. ihave tried to explain this to them. it would cost me a fortune to keep feeding all 5 children and not charge for it. one mindee had his coat on yesterday and was about to leave when he asked me for biscuits!

OP posts:

dmo · 29/09/2006 14:17

i give my mindees a good snack (i think c below)
if they happen to still be here at 5.45 they have tea with my family aswel
on wednesdays when i have to get boys to cubs for 6.15 we have tea earlyer so quite a few mindees for tea on wednesdays
i dont charge a penny for food but mind you they do eat a lot
i just the job out of love for the children not for money


zoeuk1 · 29/09/2006 15:02

i also love looking after the children, however it is still my only income. i wouldnt work if i was going to be out of pocket. i dont make a great deal of money from childminding as it is. dont get me wrong, the reason i chose this career is because i love kids, but im not running a charity. hope that doesnt sound too harsh!

OP posts:

franyfroo · 29/09/2006 15:07

would you not just be better uping your overall fees and including a decent after school snack for everyone. such as hotdogs, soup, jacket potatoes and beans. all very inexpensive, quite healthy and filling. you could tell them to fill up on fruit if still hungrey after this. annabel whatshername does some good cook books for school age children, great after school menus and recipies.


zoeuk1 · 29/09/2006 18:08

maybe. i'll see how it goes next week. im going to have another word with the parents too. do you put it down in your expenses every day for the childrens snacks?

OP posts:

StrawberryMoon · 01/10/2006 19:35

i was told (north east) to estimate approx £2 per child per day for food...if i have a mindee all day they will get a snack about 10ish, lunch 12.30ish and snack 3ish..these are free or included rather..i charge for breakfast and dinner if soon to be mindee who was here last week told me(in 3yr old speak) that she had no breakfast cos she knew she would be getting pancakes at mine after school make a point of asking her what she's ate for brekky in front of mam and ask if she ate it all!!...some people!


Littlefish · 01/10/2006 19:54

My cm charges £3.60 per day for lunch, evening meal and all snacks. Dd is with her from 8.30 - 5.30. (dd is nearly 2 years old).

I think that if any of your mindees are with you until 5.30 or later, then they probably need something more substantial than a snack.

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