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cm club: home insurance & business baanking people??

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StrawberryMoon · 27/09/2006 19:41

my current b&c insurer wont cover me once i start working!!??? so who uses who???

and business details from abbey coming thru for lifetime free business banking but are these any good?

OP posts:

Katymac · 27/09/2006 19:48

I use NCMA ins - less than m prev insurers

I use a deposit account with NW (I'm not admitting to running a business...all those chqs are just birthday presents)


StrawberryMoon · 27/09/2006 19:50

so are those better than business accounts??

and have emailed ncma last night but not heard back yet?

OP posts:

dmo · 27/09/2006 20:19

i used to have a business account but it cost me to put cheques in and write cheques so i changed to a current account
this is fine as long as you keep your bussiness money and personal money separate


HenniPenni · 27/09/2006 20:21

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

StrawberryMoon · 28/09/2006 13:09

well the abbey has lifetime free banking and no charge for sending recieving cheques etc?

and we have our car ins thru tesco so may give them a try thanks

OP posts:

goldfinger13 · 28/09/2006 13:15

I used to work for the Abbey for 6yrs as a FA. I've found that the Abbey business account is good but you have more flexibility with a normal bankaccount.

If you set a seperate one from your normal account and just use that.

If you want to transfer between the two then it's instant. e.g. paying yourself!!!


StrawberryMoon · 28/09/2006 13:18

thanks for that..i thought you 'had' to have a business account??

OP posts:

goldfinger13 · 28/09/2006 13:21

You HAVE to have a seperate account for the business!!! If inland rev. want to investigate all they want to know if are your records and statements the same and is there an explanation.


StrawberryMoon · 28/09/2006 13:22

so can be normal account, just as long as my house hold bills dont go in/out of same account?!.good thats easier then!

OP posts:

goldfinger13 · 28/09/2006 13:23

Alot of people use normal account for their business!! You have more flexiblity with one anyway. Abbey don't allow for any payments paid in/ out over the counter.
that was the biggest grievience when i was there and was the cause for a lot of people changing accounts. for others that works well so it is up to you.


StrawberryMoon · 28/09/2006 13:25 i would be needeing to pay over they are deff no no then with b.account..thanks for that bit of advice!

OP posts:

goldfinger13 · 28/09/2006 13:27

No problem

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