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CM CLUB: Discount card for C.M's

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StrawberryMoon · 26/09/2006 20:20

in elc?..did anyone you know?
i got one sunday 10% off anything not already on special!

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HenniPenni · 26/09/2006 20:48

I've got one but it's out of date, need to get it renewed as I'm off on a spending spree soon!!

dmo · 27/09/2006 12:55

yes i've got one
when i walk in our local ELC the staff know me by name and vice vesa
i also get a discount at our local soft play area as i'm a cm
and also just got a card for a wholesaler near by as i'm self employed

dmo · 27/09/2006 12:56

oh by the way if you join the birthday club with your mindees (put your address)
they send you a voucher for 20% off and a cd
used my 20% off for a prezzi for the mindee

ayla99 · 27/09/2006 13:15

You can also get 10% off at Educators Discount at the Music Room

And the book people used to give free postage to Registered Childminders (and oaps etc) if you sent a copy of your registration certificate but I haven't ordered from them in a while so not sure if thats still going.

StrawberryMoon · 27/09/2006 14:21

ohh..will have to try those!

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Lrkids · 27/09/2006 16:15

NCMA members can get 10% off car seats at Halfords using the link below, it looks a bit complicated to get it but I haven't tried it so don't know if it is. The link is a pdf file btw.

10% off at Halfords

StrawberryMoon · 27/09/2006 19:06

should we start a c.m discounts we can update and check on as and when??

OP posts:
dmo · 27/09/2006 20:21

good idea strawberry
should keep this thread bumped

ThePrisoner · 27/09/2006 21:57

I didn't ever do anything about it, but was told by Ottaker's (the bookshop) that they do a discount scheme for registered childminders.

Perhaps we should automatically ask if shops would offer a discount to us - my student dds always ask if student discounts are available, and often get 10% (for their supposedly-very-essential clothes!!)

StrawberryMoon · 28/09/2006 13:12

well if i get two minutes(still got to send dmo's stuff out, complain to osfted re my crb/reg..still not here??/..then we could start emailing companies we think we would want to use and see if they give us discounts??
then we could make a particular thread for them?..just so we dont miss anything!

OP posts:
goldfinger13 · 28/09/2006 13:18

I didn't know CM's were eligible for discounts. Thanks for the head up i'll start aking around as well. Just found this sight today and feel i was very much in the dark before.

thanks for the great advice i've seen!!!!

StrawberryMoon · 28/09/2006 13:19

right..ill start one with the few i know..seems that its gunna be of help to a good few people here..then we can just search and add if it drops off board

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