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CM Club - New minders near me a charging a fortune!!

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Jensmum · 26/09/2006 12:21

One of my friends has just registered as a childminder and has been told by CIP to charge £3.75 an hour, I only charge between £3.00 - £3.50 and the more experienced minders have recently put theirs upto £3.50.

I don't know where they get their figures from but this is what she's going to charge and she's got 3 families lined up already!!!

I'm so jealous!

OP posts:
dmo · 26/09/2006 13:21

they are lined up but have they started?
dont worry

wabbitt · 26/09/2006 13:59

Just keep checking on charges with other CMs. They may all start to raise fees and then you'll be able to keep your charges in line

Jensmum · 26/09/2006 15:34

Forgot to add they are charging £5.00 an hour
for before and after school care

I'm stopping for a year at christmas (having a baby) but I think I'll definatley check with all the other minders when I start back up

OP posts:
dmo · 26/09/2006 17:15

new childminder in our area (and i'm not calling cm who are mums) has no experance with children other than her own i on the other hand have been to college have a nvq3 been a nusery nurse for 13 yrs and a cm for 3 yrs
i charge £3 per hour she charges £4 but guess who doesnt work while my phone rings daily

Kidstrack · 26/09/2006 17:19

childminder up the road from me charges £4.50, she seemingly takes the kids on day trips and eats lunch out everyday

dmo · 26/09/2006 17:27

good for her if thats what she whats to do but where do they eat every day to get a balanced diet?
oh dont tell me Mc Donalds do fruit bags now

Crackle · 26/09/2006 17:54

Four years ago I was charging £3.75ph. I lived in a relatively affluent area and really didn't want to work for less than my old income when I was employed. I picked a figure that I wanted to earn and worked backwards from there which came to £3.75.

I always had a waiting list too and charged extra for meals.

The childminder down the road charged £2.25 including food.[faints] But she nearly always had vacancies. Bizarre.

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