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CM'S Triple Buggy Question...

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babydales · 25/09/2006 09:37

I am looking to buy a triple buggy as I will have twins starting next May and will also have an 18month old. Has anyone had experience with one ie which type is best for pushing, folding etc. Have my eye on one on ebay that converts from double to triple, auction finishes tonight and it looks like a good price. Any thoughts anyone?

OP posts:
dmo · 25/09/2006 10:39

i got a triple buggy that turns into a double buggy from e-bay (pram called lots of babies) its fab so easy to use cost £220 plus £18 deverly

babydales · 25/09/2006 14:01

Thats the one i am looking at its up for £165 at the mo so would be a bargain then

OP posts:
dmo · 25/09/2006 16:05

i would deff bid
good luck

Jackmummy · 25/09/2006 16:29

I've been looking at that one too.
I decided not to as ds really should walk, so got a double instead.
Otherwise we would have been in a bidding war!
At a guess though it will prob go up a fair bit in the last 5 mins!
Good luck!

ThePrisoner · 25/09/2006 18:33

I use one of these - it gets a lot of use, but they aren't the most practical of items.

dmo · 25/09/2006 22:12

mine nearly the same but comes with hoods and foot muffs. and changes into a double
wheels also unclip for cleaning which is fab
dh calls me the kerb hoger
dont forget to buy the raincover also as it doesnt come with one
the raincover is a double and a single

babydales · 26/09/2006 17:47

I got it for £217

OP posts:
dmo · 26/09/2006 17:48

nice one
its a good buy using mine today
dont forget b4 u pay him to ask about adding a raincover onto bill

babydales · 26/09/2006 17:49

will do thanks

OP posts:
Quadrophenia · 26/09/2006 17:54

if anybody want s a triple, tandem style pushchair I have one for sale for £175 plus delivery, its an american import.

dmo · 26/09/2006 17:56

has it got a raincover? will ask at toddler group on thursday

Quadrophenia · 27/09/2006 14:23

no it doesn't, but we bought those cape style covers from mothercare for it and they worked just fine!

peacebabe · 28/09/2006 15:53

Hi ya is the triple pram still for sale?? Need one desperately?
Thanks Aly x

Quadrophenia · 29/09/2006 10:58

yes email me at harmony doula at yahoo dot co dot uk (remove spaces)

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