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Tax Returns question..

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lottiesmummy · 23/09/2006 20:10

Hi I've recently started as a childminder(29th aug 06) and will need to start thinking about my tax etc, as I'm half way thru a financial yr will i have to give all my payslips from my jobs from april this yr to aug when I started childminding when i do my return next yr? (is so I better find them all lol

I'm soo confused

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alison222 · 23/09/2006 20:13

have you registered with the Inland revenue as self employed?
Thast the first thing.
I am looking at my own tax return at the mo - I'll try and come back with some sensible links for you to look at later.


alison222 · 23/09/2006 20:47

try looking at these which will give you some idea of what you can and can't claim as expenses - and how to keep accounts.

notes for completing this years tax return

helpsheet for the self employed

If you are registered with NCMA there is some useful info in the stuff they send you about percentages of gas,electric,water,council tax you can claim depending on how many hours you work and suggestions of expenses that are allowed.

I'm sure there have been discussions on mumsnet too if you do a search of the archives


lottiesmummy · 23/09/2006 21:20

thanks for that, my NCMA box has a booklet on tax but I just need to know about the payslips form my job before becoming self employed, as they part of the 2006/2007 tax yr, as i've been paying tax up to aug on my other jobs

OP posts:

Katymac · 23/09/2006 22:01

You should have a P45 from each job

You should talk to the IR about these

They will advise you - but normally when starting SE you should send them in and they will input them on your self assessment or issue you with an adjusted tax code (well they used to )


lottiesmummy · 24/09/2006 14:46

I don't have any as they are casual jobs, I can work as and when for them so havent technically left...

OP posts:

Katymac · 24/09/2006 20:15

Then they will (or should) provide you with a P60 at the end of the tax year and you should enter these details on your self assessment form


lottiesmummy · 24/09/2006 21:07

great thanks, that will be next year then i suppose for this tax year we are in, thanks x

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