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CM Club:I have been sent this email.....

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Katymac · 22/09/2006 20:44

about a site called registered

Does anyone know anything about it?

I would be interested to know how they got my email addy

OP posts:

badgerhead · 22/09/2006 21:16

I have heard about them , although don't know much about them. Is you email addy listed by CIS or do you have a link to it from your own website as that is probably how they found it.


Katymac · 22/09/2006 21:17

Yep I guess so

It just seems a bit pushy

OP posts:

TLC123 · 22/09/2006 22:42

I have a basic web page type thing with them, which is free, you can pay for more pages and to access forms and things they will personlize for you but its a bit pricy. They gave me a months free trial a while ago, worth a go for the free page unless you already have your own web site.


ayla99 · 23/09/2006 09:40

I got one this morning. Looks like they got my addy from the cis website; its the only place on the web thats put up my new email addy. I gave it to them by mistake; I use a different email address on the web.


smeeinit · 23/09/2006 09:49

i got one this morning too. looks like theyve been busy!
was considering joining with full memebership but want to hear anybody elses experience 1st?


looneytune · 23/09/2006 14:06

I got it too, about 10 days ago. I didn't actually read through it as it looked like a website tool and of course I already do these for childminders myself. If I'm wrong and they do have something else to offer, do let me know and I'll read through it


alibubbles · 23/09/2006 17:44

I got it about a month ago, was also interested to where they got our details from.


lottiesmummy · 23/09/2006 18:52

I also got that but was hoping to hear feedback from others


alison222 · 23/09/2006 20:09

Me too about a week ago.
I assume they got the e-mail address from CIS as the NCMA have my new one since I ordered new contracts over the web

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