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cm bill just arrived!

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smeeinit · 21/09/2006 09:32

bloody hell ive just recieved my tax bill and its well over a thousand pounds?!
i dont get it!! how comes some cms pay so little tax? what am i doing wrong?! alot of cms i know dont pay any tax.

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Katymac · 21/09/2006 09:38

Are you claiming all your allowances?
Are you claiming all your expenses?


smeeinit · 21/09/2006 09:41

i think so! does it sound alot to you or am i being thick?!

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smeeinit · 21/09/2006 09:41

the maximum children ive had is 3 part/full timers so its not like im raking it in!!

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Katymac · 21/09/2006 10:01

Email me

childminding at walnut
corner co uk


dmo · 21/09/2006 14:50

my tax bill just arrived and its £1165.85
phoned them cause first calculation was £750
they said £750 was for last tax year and the rest is till july this year wtf?
dont understand
last year my bill was £400


looneytune · 21/09/2006 14:59

You're scaring me now!!!


smeeinit · 21/09/2006 16:11

thanks katy,have emailed you

OP posts:

lunavix · 21/09/2006 16:13

your tax bill is the 750.

You then have to start paying next years in installments (i think its three installments) based on your bill for this year


dmo · 21/09/2006 16:14

my overall wage after expensives was 8k


dmo · 21/09/2006 16:15

thats what they said but would rather pay in one go


Katymac · 21/09/2006 17:09

I haven't got it yet

I am out this pm (Presentation & then my dad's accounts) but when I get a minute I will get back to you

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