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CM club: Can anyone with a dog please advise?

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mumbomama · 20/09/2006 16:01


Are there any childminders out there who successfully childmind with a dog?

I am considering getting one, probably a puppy and I'm just trying to get my head round whether it could work.

I was thinking I could put a stairgate across the kitchen/ diner and keep it in there while I am childminding the baby (who I have 4 days a week)and partition a section of the garden off so most of it is poo free.

Does anyone have any experience of puppies or childminding alongside a dog? Would ofsted be funny about me having a puppy?

OP posts:
scotlou · 20/09/2006 16:11

I'm not a childminder, but my ds did go (briefly) to a cm who had a dog. She kept the dog in the kitchen with a child gate across it. Not sure what she did about teh garden. She woudl take the dog for walks with her mindees. It didn't bother me as we had adog and dh was used to them - but could put other parents off.

zoeuk1 · 20/09/2006 18:34

im a childminder with a dog. he jumps up when people first come into the house. i tell parents this and no-one has ever been put off by him. the only time a parent wouldnt come round for a visit is because she was worried about what her daughter would do to the dog!! the ofsted inspector was absolutely fine with it. as long as you dont get a couple of snarling rotwiellers(sp) they will be ok with you having a dog. make sure it has a seperate eating area and that all his/her injections are up to date.

jura · 20/09/2006 18:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zoeuk1 · 20/09/2006 20:57

and my house doesnt smell of dog!! you wouldnt know i had one until you see him. hes a cocker spaniel. lovely ,lovely dog. fantastic with all the children(sometimes there are 7 here at once).the kids all love him.

mumbomama · 20/09/2006 21:25

Thanks zoeuk1

That's really helpful

OP posts:
boo70 · 22/09/2006 10:26

Hi I am a childminder and have two staffordshire bull terriers, which are great dogs, just had my ofsted inspection and was fine.The dogs do have their own part of the garden but also do come in contact with minded children as we take them on walks.I think as long as parents are comfortable and you are responsible and never leave a child unattended around the dog it can be very rewarding for children and it teaches them to love and respect animals. We also have a puppy arriving in three weeks!!!

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