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cm club- hurricane

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Isyhan · 16/09/2006 08:06

Last week was only the second time Ive picked up two boys from school and as we were walking home we got caught in a hurricane. Not forecast I hasten to add.(it was officially a hurricane)Trees flying past etc etc. I was absolutely terrified I had two other children aswell (my own). So then we arrive at my house and Ive had a power cut. What a start. I had to laugh though as one of the boys (aged 6) said 'this is the best day ever!'

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joanna4 · 16/09/2006 11:02

Aw bless we too were caught in it up in leeds it came from nowhere didnt it.As we ran home my dd said ooh this is just like florida all over again-we got caught up in charley a few years ago.Bizarre.

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