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Complaints book for childminders

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chicaguapa · 13/09/2006 19:15

Got a phone call today to say that OFSTED are coming to do their suitable person interview next Weds. Have found lots of great info on this board so feel I will be prepared enough (fingers crossed).

Just wanted to check about the complaints procedure though. I'm going to be getting the Morton Michel organiser and wondered if there's a form for complaints in it. I think I remember seeing the Medication and Accidents ones. Basically, do I need to buy any notebooks?

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dmo · 13/09/2006 21:52

no need unless your planning on having lots of complaints
in my policys i have included the number for ofsted if parents wish to make a complaint but normal complaints/worries are just disscussed


ThePrisoner · 13/09/2006 22:16

I'm sure that you are still supposed to have a basic complaints book anyway, even if there's nothing in it! My network are happy with my duplicate book (from Smiths and all good stationers , which I usually use for bills for parents) - I just wrote "Complaints Book" on the front. Pathetic really.


kira64 · 13/09/2006 23:03

There is no need to have a complaint book. You must have a written policy about your complaint procedures which should be clearly explained to all parents. This should include Ofsted (complaint)tel no. Some childminders also include their network coordinator tel no.


tobysmumkent · 14/09/2006 00:13

Message withdrawn


FeelingOld · 14/09/2006 11:45

Earlier this year a cm friend of mine just missed having an overall outstanding cos she did not have a complaints file with a blank complaints form in it even though she had never had a complaint.

If you look in the ofsted national standards 'revisions to criteria october 2005' book, there is a complaints form in the back of it and you should photocopy it and have it available (or something very similar)ready to fill in, in your complaints folder should you receive a complaint. (you can also get this on the ofsted website if you look under publications dated either sept or oct 2005 and the ref no of this leaflet should you want to ring ofsted and ask for it is 'MHI 2573).

Don't know it all inspectors are so keen as hers though!!


chicaguapa · 14/09/2006 20:59

Thanks. Have found the publication, cut & pasted the complaints record into a Word doc and stuck it in my folder. Job done! Let's hope it stays blank.

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