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Au Pair / Mother's Help needed in Tunbridge Wells

2 replies

clemsterdarcy · 13/09/2006 13:29

Yikes ... just fired my cleaner (tired of making weekly charitable donations) and first baby due any day!

Three things:

  1. What is diff betwee Au Pair and a Mother's Help
  2. Anyone know any good ones (either in TW)
  3. What should you pay?

OP posts:

NannyStar · 13/09/2006 13:36

Hello clemsterdarcy, how are you?

The difference between an aupair and mother's help is that an aupair is usually from another country (within the E.U.) that comes over to work under 25 hrs per week and 2 nights babysitting for around £55 per week pocket money. She lives with you and you provide meals for her and optionally will pay her fees for language school.

A mother's help might be someone who has just graduated from college so has little experience but will work as many hours as you require for the minimum UK wage. She can live-in or live-out and usually has shared care e.g. a parent always in the vicinity. She just basically works alongside a parent and helps with household chores too.



NannyStar · 13/09/2006 13:37

Does TW mean Tunbridge Wells?

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