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New nanny needs advise

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nannypoppins · 10/09/2006 19:31

Can anyone advise?

I am giving up my career as a registered c/m at the end of Sept to start a new job as a nanny. I will be reading and signing my contract this week but would like some advise on holidays. I will have 4 weeks paid holiday plus bank hols but what happens if the family (my employers) take more holiday than the four weeks and do not require my services? Will they have to pay me as I will be available to look after their child although they will not need me?

This new role is quite scary for me as with childminding I am self employed and am in control when dealing with parents/contracts etc.

I am looking forward to being a nanny but feel a bit out of my depth at the mo, especially as the family have never had a nanny before.

OP posts:

wakeupandsmellthecoffee · 10/09/2006 19:35

If you are ready and willing to work then they have to pay you .


elastamum · 10/09/2006 19:37

We employ a nanny who gets considerably more than her contracted holiday. We woulnd dream of not paying her, If they dont need you as they are away they ar obliged to pay you as per your contract. We normally each decide 2 weeks at the beginning of each year. Just check your contract to make sure it doesnt say they wont pay days not worked at their request.


Hamandcheese · 10/09/2006 20:03

They should pay you. Many employers give nanny extra time of in this circumstance.
I think it would be reasonable to ask you to go in and do related chores (spring clean kids bedrooms, iron heaps of name tapes onto school clothes, sort toys etc) - but perhaps I'm mean (it's only been a couple of days with our nanny, and there have been meaningful things I wanted her to get done that wouldn't have been possible with the kids around)! It wouldn't occur to me not to pay.
Good luck wtih the new role.


Bluebear · 10/09/2006 20:12

Yes, They should pay you. We pay our nanny if we are on hol and she is not.


nannypoppins · 10/09/2006 20:27

Thank you all for your help, I feel less worried about the situation now. I will check the contract on Tuesday and if I have any queries I will talk them over with the family. If I need any further advise I know where to come, it helps hearing from others who have experience in these matters. Thanks xx

OP posts:

Uwila · 11/09/2006 14:01

yes, they will have to pay you. But, as already mentioned, they might ask you to come in and do some other duties while they are away, such as organising toys, ironing, etc. When I have an unplaned day off with the kids I often ask the nanny to to some tidying in the morning and then give her the afternoon off.


nannypoppins · 11/09/2006 22:26

I would be more than happy to help Mum with other things, I would probably ask if she needs any shopping or ironing etc done while she spends precious time with her little one.

I have had a sad few days knowing the little ones I mind at the moment are leaving me but I am so looking forward to my new nanny career and giving all of my care and attention to one family.

OP posts:

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 11/09/2006 22:32

we have a nanny - our contract says she can have 4 weeks paid hols. any time she gets off over and above that she gets paid. (and for us, there's usually quite a lot - she's probably had 2 weeks or so over the year)


NannyL · 13/09/2006 18:14

yes they pay you

the last few years ive had around 12 weeks paid holiday.... aswell as loads of mornings and afternoons off!

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