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Network observation - quite urgent!!!

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chloesmama · 05/09/2006 21:50

Hi all

Was looking for some help please, i am becoming part of a network and this entails me having an observation of me with my minded children - my network coordinator asked if i had the details about observations and thinking i had i said yes, but i havent come across anything that relates to it. Has anyone had any experiences of this and what happens please, any bit of information will be a great help!


OP posts:
auntymandy · 05/09/2006 22:43

cant help but thought I would bump it for you!!

ThePrisoner · 05/09/2006 23:09

I actually had an "observation" done of me a few weeks back by my network co-ordinator. She actually came to our local toddler group, which probably made it a bit easier, but I was acutely aware of being watched (but ever so nicely, because our co-ordinator is lovely!!)

What sort of things did you want to know?

chloesmama · 05/09/2006 23:16

Just seeing is there any information i should be aware of i.e. make sure i do x,y,z

specific things i should be doing
sorry to be vague but i am just worried as she asked do i have the information on observations from NCMA

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 05/09/2006 23:31

I don't know that I have ever had any information from the NCMA on observations, so can't help there. The only info I think I've ever read is to do with us making observations of our minded children (for my ECP assignment).

My co-ordinator said she was observing me in relation to how I could ensure that all the needs of all the children I was minding at the time could be met. As I said, our co-ordinator is lovely, but I did feel a bit odd about it!

She sat next to me at the toddler group and, as usual with small children, there were plenty of interruptions. She talked to me normally, as she always does, asked me questions (as usual) but when she showed me her written report, she had recorded things about how I dealt with two 16month olds wanting to sit on my lap at the same time ... and then the 23month old who trotted over for a cuddle too!! She also made comments about us all sitting at a craft table, and other children wanting to be involved; ensuring that they all had drinks; making sure that they were, basically, happy bunnies!! She certainly didn't follow me around.

It was also the school holidays, so I had a 5 year old and an 8 year old with special needs with me. It was stressful, but not in a really negative way. It's not something I have ever had experience of before.

I have other minding friends who have had observations done in their home - such as seeing them organise a craft activity, organising lunch etc.

I assume that most observations run along the same way. Our co-ordinator has got to know the names of our mindees and, although they don't necessarily remember her, she makes herself part of whatever they are doing and always chats and interacts with them.

I think you just have to do what you usually do (or perhaps should do!!!) - they are not there to catch us out like Ofsted inspectors!!

Gosh, that was a ramble.

chloesmama · 06/09/2006 16:26

Thanks for all the info, much appreciated.

Feel better now, just thought she wanted me to do extra written work on top of network extra 10 standards.

Thanks again

OP posts:
Katymac · 06/09/2006 16:29

Ask if she needs permission slips for the observation from the minded children probably don't but she will be impressed you asked

ThePrisoner · 06/09/2006 21:11

I had to have written permission from parents to have co-ordinator in my house - I've copied the following from the forms given to me by my co-ordinator.

Network childminders work to high standards and part of the Co-ordinator?s role is to record their good practice. One way we can do this is through observations of your childminder working with the children. This helps the Co-ordinator to identify how the childminder is working towards the NCMA Quality Charter.

You need to give your permission for this:

Child?s name ?????????????????????????..

Parents signature ???????????????????????

Date ?????????????????????????????..

Network Co-ordinator?s name ???????????????.?.

Childminder?s name ???????????????????.??.

?I give my permission for a Network Co-ordinator to make observations of my childminder whilst working with my child?

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