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Using nannies soley for taking and picking children up from school

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speedymama · 04/09/2006 08:51

Is it possible to employ a live out nanny to take and pick up your children from school?

DH and I are considering this as an option for when our 2yo DTS start school (we like to plan ahead!) as we are not keen on them going to a childminder. I want to continue working 3 days a week so we would need someone for approximately 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. I don't know how a nanny's pay is worked out. Would we have to pay for the whole day or only the hours we use?


OP posts:
speedymama · 04/09/2006 08:52

Oops, the title should say solely

OP posts:
auntymandy · 04/09/2006 08:56

you could use before and after school clubs maybe
maybe a sahm with older children would like the extra money?

Uwila · 04/09/2006 10:53

Would definately offer pay for 4 hours, not whole day. It might also suit a student who has classes during the day.

Judy1234 · 04/09/2006 17:55

Yes, we had someone who helped on Saturday mornings when they were babies and now she picks them up and looks after them here until 6.30 4 days a week. It's worked out fine but not everyone can find someone who just wants to work a few hours, that's the only problem. She also does full time in holidays, like this week. It's briliant.

With the older children we once had someone who did cleaning and washing in the mornings and then pick ups in the afternoon but that didn't work too well - those good at cleaning often aren't good with children etc.

The school also has before and after school club but we don't often have to use that and it's nicer to get them home into their own house.

nannynick · 04/09/2006 18:40

It certainly is possible, but you may find it tricky to find someone who would just do the 4 hours. Ideally you want someone who is say studying at home, or who has another job which fits with the hours. Anything these days is possible, but finding someone to do it is the tricky bit.

The other option is to pay all day, but that will get costly, though you could then get a nanny/housekeeper who would tend to your home during the day, and the children before and after school.

auntymandy · 05/09/2006 10:09

I'd do it!!!

bakedpotato · 05/09/2006 10:13

What about holidays?
will you need childcare then?

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