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CM Club - Measles

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Jackmummy · 03/09/2006 09:01

One of the babies that I mind has been diagnosed with measles.
He came to me last week, with a rash, but I was reasured that gp had seen it and all was fine.
However that night he returned to gp and was diagnosed as having measles.
My dd is 10m and therefore has not yet had the mmr. So basically she is at risk...
Beside my consirn for my dd I am unsure about what to do with respect to the other children that I mind.
If my dd has got measles is she now contageous, during any incubation period? If so when will I know for sure she is ok and therefore not contageous?
What do I do about my minded children? Obviously I notify the parents. Is it now my tough luck that my dd may be contageous so i now can't work and therefore no income for however long....
The more I read on measles the more worried I get for dd and too.

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threebob · 03/09/2006 09:16

But surely they have all already been exposed themselves?

They don't do MMR until child is the age they are because she will still have immunity from you (if you are immune). So she stands a good chance of not getting it.

Katymac · 03/09/2006 09:27

As far as I know (& I'm not an expert) as threebob says your dd should have protection from you. In addition if your breast fed at all - that would give additional protection.

When I was 9m i got chicken pox and had it very mildly with only 2/3 blisters =- the dr said that if my mum had BF I wouldn't have got it at all

If you are concerned see your GP because they may consider giving the innoculation earlier as she has been exposed.

The inncubation period is 8 - 12 days so you only need to exculude children who were not exposed to the ill child for 8-12 days before the rash

btw younger dr's are getting very bad at diagnosing measles as it happens so rarely

Good luck

Jackmummy · 03/09/2006 09:30

But am I immune...
I know that I have never had measles. Did they used to vacinate against it 28 years ago? My helpful mother has no idea!
Dd is still bf so if I am immune then we may be lucky!
The boy that has measles comes to me on a different day to the other baby I mind. So they are not yet at risk iyswim.

OP posts:
Jackmummy · 03/09/2006 09:33

I read online that you can vaccinate children under 1 up to 5 days after exposure. However my dr says that they do not do the single measles vaccine and she is too young for the mmr.

OP posts:
Katymac · 03/09/2006 09:34

Inthat case you need to see the gp to find out whether or not your other child can come - they may have already been indirectly exposed

  • why not ring NHSDirect for some advise?
Jackmummy · 03/09/2006 09:42

I'm on hold to them!

OP posts:
Jackmummy · 03/09/2006 09:53

Apparently they are infectious from a day before the syptoms appear...
Would you avoid all toddler groups etc for the next 2 weeks?
Should I not mind the other baby for 2 weeks?
As I don't know when the syptoms will appear shall I just work on the basis that she is infectious until incubation period over in 2 weeks?

OP posts:
Katymac · 03/09/2006 10:01

Can NHSDirect give you better advise?

I would see your GP as soon as possible - you need proper advise - sorry

Jackmummy · 03/09/2006 10:16

That was all I got from nhs direct. Apparently some other health advise company will ring me, but they don't work on weekends. So no further advice until monday!
I've worked out thought that if the incubation period is 10 to 14 days (as told by nhs direct) and that the infectious period is from one day before syptoms, then surely she can only be potentially infectious from day 9 until day 14. Provided no syptoms occur in that time.
Will double check this though when health advice people ring me tomorrow.
I don't have the unexposed baby until Tuesday so I should have my facts straight by then!
So confusing........

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