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Does anyone have any craft ideas for 4-8 year olds?

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Amylouise · 01/09/2006 21:53

I have new mindees starting next week which will give me a total of 4 after school kids, aged 4,5,5 + 8.
I also look after a 20mth and a 7mth old.

Just wondering if any experienced childminders have any easy craft ideas for the older children or know of any good websites/ books.
I have stocked up on materials...paints, brushes and loads of scraps and junk stuff for modelling but no idea what to do with it all.

I know they will enjoy creating their own things but it would be nice to have some more structured ideas aswell.

OP posts:
Katymac · 01/09/2006 22:28

Playdoh (make you own - different colours)
Pasta pictures
potato printing
Hand flowers
Hand animals
Finger painting (older ones love this)
Painting on perspex
Collages using stuff from beach or woods
Junk modelling (eg suggest Train or house & see what happens)

all4girlz · 01/09/2006 22:34

I can recommend the web site called baker ross for not only good ideas but cheap materials too
mine loved making wooden spoon people with a square of material fr a dress, googly eyes etc you can do them as simple or as complicated as you like wool hair and stuff.Have fun.

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