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Breakfast? How flexible are you?

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Romeo · 01/09/2006 18:14

Hi - I childmind with my husband

I have a child who should arrive at 8 am for breakfast before the school run starts at 8.20

Over the summer they have come later and later and yesterday were 25 minutes late and I suggested that this week be a trail run for next week when school starts

they didn't apologise and were quite put out that I stated that breakfast was over and the other children had been fed. I did of course feed the child and took her while mum was sorting out coats ect to the kitchen to go in the highchair

How long can you go on serving food - if I leave at 8.20, should they be allowed to finish their food if they arrived at 8.15. Why should the other children be late for school or nursery?

What do I do?

She slammed the door on the way out

OP posts:

Auntymandy · 01/09/2006 18:19

Say if they want breakfast they have to be there for 8 as you have a school run to do. Does this child go to school? If not offer to give breakfast after the school run?!


hana · 01/09/2006 18:20

I'd be suggesting that the child eat at home before he gets to your place!


smeeinit · 01/09/2006 19:45

ive had the same problem before and its sooo frustrating!
a parent was persistantly late dropping off her child for breakfast so i suggested she have it at home or walk to school with a piece of toast!
she started having it at home!!


dmo · 02/09/2006 22:16

it states in my policys that breakfast is served till 8.30am (i leave for school at 8.50) also if childcare is only needed for half hour before school breakfast is not included
if your feeling soft a banana or toast on way to school will have to do

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