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Pushing their luck?

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busybusymum · 01/09/2006 17:05

I have just had a message that the LO I look after will only be coming to be for half an hour each day instead of the usual 4 -5 hours as it has been for the previous year. Parents assumes that all will be ok with me and left it at that. I am a little disappointed as they knew these new hours in july just never thought to say anything. In the mean time I have been turning down work that I could have taken on. AGHhhhhhhh
We do have a contract and I will be asking them to re-read it. They only told me because my payment was due and she didnt want to pay it. They are dreadful payers (payment is often late and need constant chasing) but they do have money! It is so infuriating I feel like chucking it all in!!!!!!!

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LoveMyGirls · 01/09/2006 17:24

give them notice! im sure if you have been getting calls it wont be long before you get another call (that could fill a FT space) and you wont have to put up with this plus its not like you're going to lose much more money than you are anyway so theres nothing to lose.

HappyMumof2 · 01/09/2006 17:42

Message withdrawn

Uwila · 01/09/2006 17:54

Sorry, did I read that right? You are going to look after this child for 30 minutes a day? What's the point?

give em das boot! [smie]

smeeinit · 01/09/2006 17:57

talk about takin the p**s ! id tell em where to go!
cheeky bugars!

Twiglett · 01/09/2006 18:01

well they'll obviously still have to pay full day rate won't they .. after all they're taking up a full space

let them know in the strongest terms

cheeky buggers!

Katymac · 01/09/2006 18:03

I'm with Twiglett - I have a minimum order to make it worth my while

Either pay a decent amount (ie 5 or 6 hours)

Or leave

StrawberryMoon · 01/09/2006 19:21

thats odd...30m minutes?..what can the parent do for 30mins without child?????????
and i would be stating minimum charge as they think they can pop to tescos for a browse and pay you a few quid...
def give notice esp as they pay late anyway.
and you will get another if youve had calls recently, even chase them up again?

busybusymum · 02/09/2006 21:48

Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.

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