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Glass Safety Film?? advice needed

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lottiesmummy · 01/09/2006 14:52

where did you get yours from?
what is the best one to get.. easiest to fit etc???

Caz x

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mawbroon · 01/09/2006 15:24

Mine was the mothercare stuff. I have used it on the glass panels on the door which are about 6x12 inches. It took us ages fannying about with it, and it's still a bit bubbly but I am past caring.....

Sorry, that's not very helpful, is it.

lottiesmummy · 01/09/2006 15:38

pmsl @ fannying about

we have the stuff from wollies and it looks like we'll be doing same, just hoped there was something you could maybe paint on like liquid rubber and leave it, but that would be far to easy wouldnt it

OP posts:
mawbroon · 01/09/2006 17:18

That's a great idea. Quick, quick patent it!!

lottiesmummy · 01/09/2006 17:35

i wish lol

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