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Seems so Scary !!!!

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pinkranger · 30/08/2006 15:39

Hi ladies
I have just decided to become a childminder after months of erming and urinig! I do a part time job of 12 hours a week but after having a couple of weeks of i have just noticed how much i hate my job!

i have to go on a Brefifng session in october then take it from there!! Looking back over some of your threads it looks scary , not worried about looking after the children ( i have very active 3.8yr ol) but all the inspections and paper work seem scary !!! Tell Me it will all be fine!!! xx

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Ineedaholiday · 30/08/2006 17:38

It will be fine . I think we forget to mention all the good bits when we talk about our work.
I love being a childminder, I get to be my own boss and dont have to wake up in the morning dreading going to work cos I can pretty much choose what I want to do and where I want to go.
How many jobs let you go to the swingpark and play on swings , visit the beach, go for apicnic, paint, lots of other things.
Its rewarding seeing the children grow and seeing how much of a part of their life you are.
Definately more good points than bad points. The paperwork and inspections arent that bad (still dont like them though).
as long as you make sure the parents know what you do or dont do etc and make sure that they understand their contract and have read it then you should be ok most of the time.
Good luck


Katymac · 30/08/2006 17:40

CAT me if you want - I'll try and reassure you......


ThePrisoner · 30/08/2006 21:43

When you start the process to become a childminder, you will be attending training sessions which will tell and show you what you need to be doing. There will be information given to you (both verbally and on paper), so you don't just get thrown into the deep end and left to get on with things. Many areas also have mentors (other, more experienced childminders) that can help.

If everything was as negative as it sometimes sounds on Mumsnet, we'd have all given up by now - it can be hard work of course (and I'm the first to moan about paperwork and Ofsted), but it is certainly a job I enjoy.


dmo · 30/08/2006 21:48

childminding is brill
and thats even after a day with 8 boys between the ages of 5 and 10
the best bit is you are your own boss and you can choose your hours i work long days but get very good money and durning term time i have mon and fri 9am till 1pm off to do house work/shopping/college work


pinkranger · 31/08/2006 09:44

Thank you all,
I think it will be fun and am lookig forward to it , i hope you all dont mind me bombarding you with questionsxx Did any of you pay for your training ?? and also how long did it take?

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