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For those of you with kids in afterschool club...........

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fairyfly · 29/08/2006 13:16

Did your children have to drop out of their evening classes because they joined?

I'm finding that because they start in Spetember they will no longer be able to partake in Swimming or Karate lessons.

Do you think Afterschool club makes up for it?

I think they are missing out already but there is no way round it.

OP posts:

dmo · 29/08/2006 13:48

i'm a c/m
and because i work till 6pm my children cant do any clubs eirther (been looking at swimming but it starts at 4pm)
they can go to cubs as it starts at 6.15 but it means me making tea for my mindees aswel as my boys so they can go
saturdays no good to me as i cant get up out of bed earlyer than 10am


fennel · 29/08/2006 13:51

I try and sell after school club as an Exciting after school activity. it sort of works. am avoiding after school clubs of other types anyway as can't face the organisation required. even on one of the days DP or I is off with the dds, it's a busy time from 5-7 in our household. dd1 does do woodcraft folk one evening but not on an after school club evening.


scotlou · 29/08/2006 14:02

My children can't do after school acivities as I work full time and don't get home till after 6. ds goes to afters school club 2 days a week (my mum looks after both children the other days) and I woudl say taht afterschool club is NOT the same as dong otehr activities - but they will still enjoy it. My ds plays pool, table football, badminton or when it's dry they can go outside and play football, go to the playpark.


hulababy · 29/08/2006 14:04

The after school club at DD's school (she starts in September) includes lots of other activities they can do - sports, dance, gym, cooking, craft, etc.


Gobbledigook · 29/08/2006 14:14

Do the school have anything else on at the same time as after school club that your boys could do? At ds1's school, football is 3.30 till 5pm and some children that would otherwise be at after school club do the football and then just pop back to after school club till they get picked up. That way they aren't missing out on that activity.

Could they do the swimming at the weekend?


fairyfly · 29/08/2006 14:21

No, no weekend swimming here, the waiting lists are unbelievable, it took me two years to get them wednesday classes. I've been on the beavers lists for 2 years also.

I think their father is going to start having them fortnightly so that doesn't help either.

I know what you mean Gobbledygook about staying playing football but only one of my children can do that as they don't provide for the other.
I suppose within time they can both go.

The afterschool seems good for craft and reading, homework help etc but really lacking in physical activity.

Hopefully i will find a class for something on the day i am off but no luck so far.

I just think it is something they are really missing out on and would love it if i could find an afterschool club with more excercise and teamwork.

OP posts:

fairyfly · 29/08/2006 14:22

Basically you can't get it all right can as a parent can you and the guilt is crappo.

OP posts:

Gobbledigook · 29/08/2006 14:27

I don't know what else to suggest FF - it's crap you are right but what can you do? You've got to do what you've got to do.

Is there nobody else that could take them to swimming at least? Someone else from school that also goes maybe?


fairyfly · 29/08/2006 14:37

Nope afraid not, i don't really like relying on anyone else. It's a lot to ask also.

I think i will just start taking them swimming more often instead of relying on lessons.

Also get them in the holiday swimming and football weeks.

OP posts:

ayla99 · 30/08/2006 11:05

I'm a Registered Childminder and some parents send their children to me instead of the local afterschool club because I can take their child to football/beavers/brownies/music lesson etc. Not all childminders are able to do this; depends on location & timing of activity and the needs of the other children in their care.

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