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Any Childminders here? help needed please..

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lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 09:32

ok here goes, I'm a registered childminder, I'm due a child to start with me this tues... I have no contracts as I've only just sent my NCMA membership off etc... can anyone email me a rough idea of a contract so I can get them to sign it, just to cover us until the proper contracts start? I have no idea what I need to say on it, thanks,
Caroline x

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bonkerz · 27/08/2006 09:46

whats your email address and i will send you mine, you can then adjust what you want and print out.

lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 09:54

thank you so much, its [email protected]

thanks again xx

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Katymac · 27/08/2006 11:35

Are you going to use NCMA contracts?

If so do you want me to post you one & you can return it when you get your pack through?

lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 11:37

I will be yes, I posted off my NCMA membership on thurs, so hope to get mine asap, need contract for this tues but thanks n e way x

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nzshar · 27/08/2006 11:43

lottiesmummy as you know im near you. I have spare NCMA contracts and could meet up with you and hand you one if you like.

Katymac · 27/08/2006 11:46

great idea - why don't the 2 of you have a coffee or something as well?

Gosh I'm bossy aren't I?

lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 12:05

sounds good yea, they hopefully coming for 2nd visit tomoro.. might just make a contract for tomoro, just dunno what to put on it???

names, location of care (my house)



cost per day

have i missed anything?

then do proper one asap

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lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 12:06

be nice to meet up n e way nzshar ay, been told it cud take 3 weeks to get mine from NCMA

OP posts:
Katymac · 27/08/2006 12:30

Bank holidays
Late payment
Notice for holidays
what you will provide
what thet need to bring

in your standards there are legal requirements of info you need (child record sheet)

plus who collects, who to contact in an emergency

It would be better if you had the contract as then you are protected in a dispute

lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 12:49

I can't get an official one by tomoro, so need to make up a temp one

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MaryP0p1 · 27/08/2006 12:51

That might work in your favour because if you have a temp contract for a month, you then have an excuse to reexamine everything after that period.

alibubbles · 27/08/2006 13:17

Hi, your support minder should be able to loan you some NCMA ones, I gave my supported minder my spare kit until hers arrived. I know you are in Watford/Garston, so your support minder will have one.

It will have everything you need in it.

alibubbles · 27/08/2006 13:18

Also, I ordered some contracts and a new medication/accident file from NCMA and they arrived in three days. ( last week)

lottiesmummy · 27/08/2006 13:24

I waited till now as I get my 1st years insurance free with them and ncma membership free for 1st yr too... as it took me 8mths to get work I'd have wasted 3/4 of year, then it all happened so fast lol

thanks for the advice xxx

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