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Au pair insurance?????????

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syrup · 25/08/2006 19:42

Advise please about Au Pair Insurance. I have a Romanian AP starting next week and she will need to register with a GP can this be done on the NHS or does she need health insurance and if so who should pay for it. Also who is usually responsible for paying for language courses??
Thanks any advise gratefully recieved

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scienceteacher · 25/08/2006 20:00

She is eligible for NHS (GP, dentistry, hospital) because she has a visa.

Traditionally, au pairs pay for their own language classes, but families often pay a portion (not the full amount) or cover the cost of books. Technically, as a condition of her visa, she should be attending language classes, so she needs to be paid enough to afford these, or you help out.

In January, she should be eligible for free classes as a EU citizen.

I'm in a similar situation with a Bulgarian girl arriving next week.


syrup · 25/08/2006 20:40

Thanks thats just what i needed to know (by the way are you the science teacher that your nickname indicates? I have just been accepted,today, for my pgce secondary science!!!!)

OP posts:

scienceteacher · 25/08/2006 20:51

Good luck with your PGCE, syrup!


syrup · 25/08/2006 21:04

Thanks have a feeling I may need that luck!

OP posts:

scienceteacher · 25/08/2006 21:05

Where are you doing it (if you care to share?)


syrup · 25/08/2006 21:08

univ of sussex, I have decided to do a chemistry enhancement first as i graduated 20 yrs ago then pgce sept 2007

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