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Has anyone advertised in the LADY for temp postions?

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riab · 25/08/2006 13:18

I'm going to be a SAHM from september, however there are two occasions in the next twelve months when i will need childcare for a week or more. Has anyone advertised in the LADY for summer holiday temp nannies?

Any other suggestions for how to find temporary childcare/ nanny?

I did think of putting a card up in the local college - most times I need it are holiday periods so thought we might find a student.

OP posts:

loopylou0612 · 25/08/2006 13:31

Hi Riab!

I have never advertised in the Lady magazine for childcare and I personally wouldn't recommend it, unless of course you are looking for unqualified childcare providers! I'm not saying that all people who apply to ads in this magazine are unqualified, but I think you would be better going to a magazine targeted specifically at childcare professionals, that way you can be sure that the person is qualified!

Nursery World magazine has an extensive section at the back of the magazine for advertising for vacancies. You can find their site here

Hope that worked! Good luck!


jules1972 · 26/08/2006 10:11



Judy1234 · 26/08/2006 23:35

We had a brilliant temporary qualified live in nanny when our daily nanny went on maternity leave so that was a temp via the Lady but a long while ago.
We have also advertised in the local paper for part time help with success except got 60 replies which needed lots of filtering.

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