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hello all you childminders I need a bit of help!!!!!

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MrsFio · 25/08/2006 08:48

I am starting Uni in a few weeks time and have only just had my timetable through. I need to find a childminder and quickly! Thing is i have no idea where I get a list from for my area or anything. Also my eldest daughter has learning difficulties (moderate/severe) and is still in nappies/ How do I (a) find a childminder in my area (b) find one that will take on special needs and (c) would you expect extra for the care of my dd

many thanks

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jellyjelly · 25/08/2006 10:11

Very quickly, no one can discrimate because she has SEN, so you shouldnt have a problems on that side.

Do a search on childcare link and put your postcode on and it will bring up a list of minders with vacancies then it is just a matter of you alling around.

Look for the advertising thread and have a look and again call minders,

Can you go to your childrens information service and they might be able to help you too or you can contact your council in some areas and maybe speak to a network childminder who might have more experiance than un networked minders (this isnt alwasy the case though).

Good luck.


MrsFio · 25/08/2006 11:33

I have looked on the childcare link. Are all people listed on the childcare link registered? and what should I ask to see?

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mumoftwoangels · 25/08/2006 11:40

Do you have a creche in your area? In ours the local childminder advertises so that the working mums can still take advantage of any funded sessions. I would also check that any childminder has an enhanced CRB disclosure. They should all have one! Or try the Ofsted Website for Childcare settings if you can't find a minder. OUrs works on a not for profit basis so isn't too bad. Good luck with Uni.


ThePrisoner · 25/08/2006 18:54

All childminders listed on the Childcarelink site will be registered. Some of them may already have experience of special needs - you can see more information on the individual minders by clicking on their names.

If you ring your local CIS, they can usually direct you to those minders who have special needs' experience already - but don't rule out any of those who haven't! Whilst we are not allowed to discriminate against children with special needs, it is still important to tell prospective childminders about any difficulties your eldest dd may have.

I personally don't charge extra for children with special needs, but if a child needs more one-to-one care, I know that some minders may charge more.


Katymac · 26/08/2006 17:56

Because I work wih a group of childminders if a child needed 121 I could arrange it - however i would have to pass on any additional cost to the parent.....however I would do it on a cost for cost basis (iyswim)


MrsFio · 26/08/2006 20:34

hello, I ought to update because I have actually found not one but two prospective minders, both very keen to mind dd too I am always upfront about dd because even though she is my dd I do realise people may find changing her nappies hard etc but she is an easy-ish child she is just slow. In all honesty i didnt think it would be this easy! So i am looking round next week. i will let you know how it goes and I really appreciate your help.

I will be back

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Katymac · 26/08/2006 21:18

I am pleased for you

I didn't think it would be a major problem


MrsFio · 29/08/2006 08:52

I just wished you lived closer katmac

OP posts:

Katymac · 29/08/2006 12:14

Thank you


MrsFio · 29/08/2006 15:40

my other thread does this all seem about right course of action?

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