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CM club.......not really work related but.....

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Earthymama · 24/08/2006 23:34

I've just dropped the b....y iron on the carpet and made a HUGE (well, iron-sized)burn!! I'm sooooo upset, I was ironing my clothes for hols at the time, too!! And DP didn't shout so I feel even worse!!

I'm such a clumsy idiot, it's PMT running amok, every thing has gone wrong, a mum paid my money by transfer so wouldn't get it til next week and will be away cos of hols; (but she's an angel and cancelled so can get cash so that's ok but the stress!!)and got a new little one who is so upset that mummy could leave her that your heart would break.

Sorry to whinge but can't believe this AND the iron's **ed!!!

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nannynick · 24/08/2006 23:44

Oh dear, not going well hey!

Not much you can do about a burn on a carpet. If it's not major, then perhaps shaving it a little may help blend it. Though replacement is likely to be only cure longterm. Any leftover carpet in the loft? Could try cutting out a circle which includes the burnt patch, then cut same size circle from the carpet in the loft, and stick it in firmly with double sided tape, or glue.

Maybe it's time to get a rug... that will just cover over it!

Newbies are often upset at first... they get over it, often faster than their parents!

dmo · 25/08/2006 22:25

think of your hols try and relax

LoveMyGirls · 26/08/2006 08:48

my mum burnt our carpet with the iron, the carpet had only been down a week she was devasted but she cut a piece out and you would never have known. just so you know you're not the only one

grumpyfrumpy · 26/08/2006 08:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Earthymama · 26/08/2006 23:27

Thank you guys for the ideas, I'll contact the insurers when i get back from hols, if I do it know the paperwork will mount up while I'm away.

Having a better day, as went to Cardiff and Office were having a sale; all the reduced shoes were £5!! I bought 6 pairs...4 for me, and 1 each for dd and neice!!

DP covered burn with Rug so not so in your face!
Thanks again

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