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Childminders, I need advice

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jofeb04 · 24/08/2006 19:40

I need a childminder that would do emergency care. Would any of you do it? And how many hours in advance would you need? Would you do evening work?
Im looking in my area, and need to know if Im being cheeky asking!!

OP posts:

FeelingOld · 24/08/2006 19:51

I do emergency/ad hoc care for 2 young children.
No 1 - uses another childminder but she has been quite ill recently so if her cm is unwell I look after the LO as long as I have a place and sometimes she only rings me the night before.
No 2 - LO is cared for by a grandparent 2 days per week, but sometimes mum is required to work extra days and she rings me before asking grandparent as she doesn't like asking them to do extra and she gives anything from 1 week to just a few hours notice.

Obviously I can never guarantee I will have a place available for them cos its only occasional work (maybe 1-2 times per month)but it usually works out.


ayla99 · 24/08/2006 20:20

I have taken children with very short notice for various reasons, however without a contract there is no guarantee of a place. You probably know we are not allowed to exceed the child ratios stated on our Ofsted Registration Certifiate & Public Liability Insurance. However, with many parents requiring part-time or term-time only care there can be a place available, also there may be gaps between one child leaving and another contract starting.

I prefer to have plenty of notice and time to meet the child/family and discuss routine & requirements but an emergency is just that. I have provided care for children I've never met before and, fortunately, it has always worked out well.

With regard to evening work, unless the childminder is registered for overnight care you should not book childcare beyond your child's usual bedtime. It may be difficult to find help in the evening; some childminders prefer to keep evenings for spending time with their family, & catching up on housework, coursework & paperwork etc. But for a one-off emergency rather than a long-term arrangement you might be in luck.


franyfroo · 25/08/2006 07:37

if i had the space i would usually do it. where are you?


jofeb04 · 27/08/2006 19:53

Im in south wales, going to start looking this week.

Thanks for all the advice

OP posts:

Earthymama · 28/08/2006 03:36

Hi I'm in South Wales too, I'm a reg childminder. If you want to email me at [email protected] we can chat about what care you are looking for.

I'm on hols til mid-Sept though so if that's too late I do apologise.

(I'm not usually up at this hour, a local cat is serenading me so got up for a cuppa!!!)

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