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Childminders Club - what happens if you give notice???

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lunavix · 23/08/2006 21:36

I'm looking forward to returning to work after this baby is born (in a tired kind of way ) but obviously the usual worries are popping up - for example, if the baby is ill (heavens forbid) or if somethign else happens.

I've told the parents I may need unpaid time off after the birth, and have also informed them of my intentions to return to work 2 weeks after a 'normal' birth, or 6 after a caesarean. But I'm just wondering, what if I can't?

If for example - and I'm touching wood and thinking worst case scenario only! - I had a CS, so 6 weeks off work, but the baby was somewhat poorly so I needed indefinate off. Legally, and morally, where do I stand? I can give the parents up to 6 weeks notice that I can't return to work, or give a definate date when I can, but do I owe them money? What happens?

What would happen normally if a CM phoned the parents one day and said 'sorry I can't have little Johnny any more'?

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 25/08/2006 10:14

I would contact ncma, i would expect that they would know that you can not possibly know what sort of birth you will have. I think they should be reasonable but i dont know the legal standing. Why are you having so little time off.?

Ineedaholiday · 25/08/2006 17:24

As the parents are all aware that you are having a baby then surely they know that there may be a delay in whan you start back if everything doesnt go exactly to plan. I made arrangments for other people to watch n=my mindees so that I didnt have to give a definate starting back date until I felt ready to start back. Could you not make a back up plan with othe minders just incase.
I think you are doing well if you can start back so quickly I couldnt have done it. I had 10 weeks off and started back when baby was 7 wks old.
No idea what the legal position is but could you not mention your worries to the parents to prepare them just incase.

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