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Nanny salaries on Essex/Cambridgeshire borders

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bluebear · 23/08/2006 18:58

Anyone have a rough idea of nanny salaries near Saffron Walden, Essex, or South of Cambridge - trying to work out how much we can spend on new house, but since childcare is our biggest expense after the mortage we need to have an idea. Should I be expecting london prices?
We don't need a particularly well qualified nanny, would be happy with experienced but unqualified, or newly out of college, as one child is school age and the other in pre-school for half days.

And if anyone could recommend a nanny agency in the area I will be grateful. ( Although would probably try gumtree, nannyjob etc first, just worried that I won't be able to recruit anyone outside of a city).


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nannynick · 23/08/2006 20:21

2005 Wage Survey may be of help.

Typical salary I would say is around £7 to £8 per hour, if that's of any help. Offer this as Gross pay. If you get no interest, then up the amount, so that £7 becomes the nannies typical net pay. Though I suggest always paying nannies Gross, so you don't get nasty tax surprises later on.

Also look at what is currently being offered by other employers... looking at Nannyjob, some do give salary. £300-£350 for livein, £8 per hour after-school, £7 per hour part time daily.

bluebear · 23/08/2006 21:23

Thanks nannynick - I pay my current nanny gross! (I'm one of the few though)

I have lurked on nannyjob and gumtree and there seem to be plenty of cambridge jobs, but we will be in a village in Essex (just over the borders) so am stressing about whether there are any local nannies or whether I need to try to attract one of the city nannies out to the country.
£7-8 per hour net is very similar to this area of London but £7-8 gross would be a significant drop.. Hmmm... I'm probably worrying too much. Thanks again.

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pol26 · 23/08/2006 22:40

I worked in Cambridge before DD was born and lived in Mon to Fri, I came out with £250 NETT which I think was about £325 gross and I had full use of a car and phone while at work.

And i'm sure you'd easily find someone, there are big nanny circles in that area.

bluebear · 23/08/2006 23:08

Thanks Pol26. - Good to know that there are a lot about in that area - I did a nannyjob/gumtree search and saw lots of jobs for cambridge city but only one for Saffron Walden and I got a bit paranoid.
Ok - now to work out mortgage

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