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need a name for my childminding buisness??

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smeeinit · 23/08/2006 15:18

im trying to come up with a name for my childminding buisness,i want something unique! any suggestions? my names nik and i live in redbourn so was trying to fit either nik or redbourn in sumwhere!!but doesnt have to be.the more i think the crapper my suggestions get!!

OP posts:

MatNanPlus · 23/08/2006 21:30

What about Niks @(and the first half of your postcode)

What about a favourite animal with Nik's above or below it.

Would you have matching stationary? House sign? tee shirts for you to wear?


RTKangaMummy · 23/08/2006 21:34

Is there anything distinctive about your house or garden or road?


MrsMuddle · 23/08/2006 22:25



smeeinit · 23/08/2006 22:43

thanks guys!
my son came up with "twinkle toes" so im going with that!

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 23/08/2006 22:47



EvesMama · 24/08/2006 09:14

im stuck on this one too..i was all set for Sweetpea's childminding..but then i thought people may think sweetpea from popye would be doing the caring??..then little ones at Lxxxx, my area?..or New Beginnings...but im not settled on any..ill have some ideas if youve got them


nannynick · 24/08/2006 09:22

If you intend to promote yourself via the internet, I suggest adding to your chosen name:

Twinkle Toes Childcare

includes the 'keyword' childcare, which could help when parents search the internet. According to search engine stats, Child Care gets more searches than Childcare, so even consider spliting the word, or having as Child-Care.


smeeinit · 24/08/2006 09:41

evesmama, sweetpeas is a lovely name.i didnt associate it with popeye till you mentioned it!! i say go 4 it,its lovely and original.
nannynick,i am doing twinkle toes childcare. thanks for the info on splitting the child and care.thats what i shall do!!

OP posts:

EvesMama · 24/08/2006 09:43


i have already drew up my leaflets and they look cute with that name on..i was going to have it as sweetpea's childminding, but if i put child minding (as space) would i still get people looking for a childminder???


smeeinit · 24/08/2006 09:55

hmmmm...have you tried doing a search on net for child minding and see what it comes up with?

OP posts:

EvesMama · 24/08/2006 10:01

good thinking batman! brought up 'childminding' as suggestion but also listed lots for chil minding


smeeinit · 24/08/2006 10:03

glad 2 see im not the only one who still says "good thinking batman" !!!!

OP posts:

EvesMama · 24/08/2006 10:15

..i did wonder after posting wether you would say "WHAT"??

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