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Contemplating childcare options...2 questions

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TinCan · 18/08/2006 16:27

  1. Is it possible to find a nanny for only 4 days per week? Would I have plenty of candidates to choose from or would I severely limit my chances of finding someone?

2. If I need a nanny to start in Feb 2007, when should I start my search?

OP posts:

NAB3 · 18/08/2006 16:40

I would start looking now and there are plenty of nanny's who would love a four day job. Be prepared that they may take a job on the other day though so you won't have the option of calling them in.

I recommend the Lady magazines. I think agenices are expensive for what they do, especially as you should check references yourself and not rely on the agency doing it.........


nannynick · 18/08/2006 16:59

Agree... working 4 days can be quite nice. Make sure you agree a Gross Salary, so that should the nanny decide to work other days, it won't make a big difference to you.
Start your search now, indiciating clearly the intended start date. As time goes on, increase your marekting efforts if you haven't got sufficient interest. Start off with low cost advertising, locally and on the web.


madchad · 23/08/2006 15:51

May depend where you are, but should be no problem.
Our first nanny worked 30 hours over 3 days.
Our nanny works 40 hours over 5 days, and currently this is 4.5 days. We had some applicants who wanted to do this in 4 days (A lot of nannies work 50 hours+) She also does 1 night's babysitting per month, Mon-Thursday only.
We used to advertise, great responses each time. Still get occasional phonecalls 3 months later!

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