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babysitter,nanny available...

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Joynie · 17/08/2006 22:28

I am a 24years old romanian girl working as an au pair in Crouch End.I am free on monday,thursday,half friday and also the weekends.I will need some extra work as a babysitter,childminder,or mothers help(i coudl help with ironing,cleaning...even walking you dog) this area(or 5mile radius).I am happy most all the time,enjoy playing and love children(i am going to be a math teacher)
References available.
My email is [email protected]
Thank you

OP posts:

nannynick · 18/08/2006 06:46

Try looking at the \link{} board, you may have better luck looking and posting on there. Don't think there is a board for Home Help (ironing/cleaning/petsitting etc) alas.

In England you can not be a Childminder, unless you are registered as a childminder by Ofsted. Childminders care for children at their [the childminders] home, where as I think you probably want to work at the child's home... so babysitter, mothers help, are more appropriate.


nannynick · 18/08/2006 06:47

I really should preview message more often!

Please work this time link: NannyShares

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