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Don't want to speak too soon, but.........

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mishmash · 15/08/2006 23:45

My German AP is really working out

Not fantastic at the little bits I have asked her to do but am sure when the kids go back to school things will pick up.

She seems really happy - well she must be if she is taking digital photos of mountains and countryside to send home. The kids love her - she has taken them to the cinema, park, swimming, played with them. She is really easy going. She has a contact list of some AP's within a 20 mile radius but hasn't contacted anyone yet but a v good friend of mine has a German AP coming in 1st October so that should be nice for her.

DH and I have a little German so we have a bit of fun with that.

She is only 19 but she is becoming more confident each day.

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