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Do my numbers change?

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juliaemma · 14/08/2006 13:25

I have a boy of 2 now and will have a baby of my own soon too.
My registration sayes i can have no more than 5 children uner 8, of these not more than 2 may be under 5 and not more than 1 can be under 1.

I called ages ofsed ages ago and asked if my own boy was included and they said no. Not included in those numbers.

SO, would the new baby be included?

I have 2 charges age 14 months and 20 months. And my own boy. So would my baby stop me having one of these charges, or not.

Hope that makes sense!!

OP posts:
Katymac · 14/08/2006 13:31

You will need to write to OFSTED (once your baby is born)

They will change your cert to read 4 under 8, of which not more than 1 may be under 5 (with none under 1 - cos of your baby)
When the baby is one - you will do it all again

Hope this dosen't affect your current children too much (if it does it might be worth asking for a variation)

Good luck

Katymac · 14/08/2006 13:32

Are your mindees F/T or P/T?

mindermummy · 14/08/2006 13:34

One is full time and one part time.

Katymac · 14/08/2006 13:38

So you need to ask for a variation (for your own baby) in order to continue with the P/T child

Do this as soon as possible (don't wait for the baby to be born)

Write a letter stating how you will cope with naps/feeding /trips out

What extra equipment you will need and any other supporting info (eg P/T has been with you for XXmonths, well settled in ect)

I will keep my fingers crossed for you - as OFSTED can be unreliable in their reactions

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