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CM £60/day....expensive?

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cye · 12/08/2006 22:32

it is london... but prices seem to range fron £35/day to £60/day without any relation to how good facilities or ofsted report is. what do you think? is it a lot? or would you say good value if things like organic food or other 'extras' are included? just after opinions really...!

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nannynick · 12/08/2006 22:50

I'd say £60 was expensive, given that if you say had two children, a nanny may work out the same, or cheaper.

The range sounds about right... though I do wonder what differences there are between the bottom and top of the range of fees. The higher fee may be better value, once additional costs taken into account, such as food, nappies, outings etc.

cye · 12/08/2006 23:16

ah, thanks for the info about nanny. i will look at a nanny share if i can't find a cm.
i take your point about value but the odd thing is there is no link between what you get and how much you pay. i had a great cm lined up who charged £35, home cooked food, a cot for every child, qualifications, garden etc (she's not available any more for dates i need) and then saw one for £50 yesterday which was bring your own food, no garden, one cot for two children.... another had no cots and children were to sleep on chairs or buggies...(which i thought poor - what does anyone else think?)

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jellyjelly · 13/08/2006 07:50

I think 60 a day is quite shocking actually and i am glad i dont live in london. Different cots are good sleepingin high chairs/buggies not good unless you are out then fine.

Chairs/sofa as long as flat and quiet i think are fine if you have lots as it is very hard to get3 to sleep all in the same room.

Katymac · 13/08/2006 08:59

I know what you mean Jelly - we use cots, cushions on the floor (katy's lap during an OFSTED inspection....well she was very tired & it was her first day) BUT we have been known to have 7 asleep at once...they go down 10 minutes apart - with the noisy ones first

£60 is a lot - I agree but I charge nearly £40 & I'm not in London

Cye - Don't agree to anything you aren't happy with, esp over eating or sleeping, cos you will regret it in the long run - they are so important

cye · 13/08/2006 10:17

thanks for replying. yes, you're right, i won't go for something i'm not happy with. it's just frustrating as i can see so many great childminders on mumsnet but can't be able to find one as good in RL! but the advice you guys give is sound and it's good to know i'm not being unreasonable in my expectations. i really didn't think it would be this difficult but i guess better to get it right than get it fast (tho it is very time comsuming and stressful!).

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daysoftheweek · 13/08/2006 10:55

60 pound a day = too expensive imho it's so difficult isn't it. Have you tried asking on here to see if anyone can recommend good childminders where you are?

Judy1234 · 13/08/2006 16:05

I have an absolutely perfect person who comes to the house and does after school care and is very flexible and I pay her £80 a day 9- 6 in school holidays but that's London and she couldn't be better.

kidsrus · 13/08/2006 16:21

cye have you tried asking friends if they know any childminders or contacting you local childrens information service you can find this via the ncma or ofsted both have websites and ask childminders what their ofsted grades are.
Childminders should be proud to tell you what their grades are.also keep your eye out in local shop windows because there could be a very good new childminder who just needs their first child to care for before their new career takes off ten fold like mine did. also they will go out of their way to please as they really want their business to succeed.

cece · 13/08/2006 16:57

It might be worth asking mums at the school you want your lo ones to go to when they are older. They will know cm who do pick ups form that school and also will mean you don't need to change when they start school.

goldenoldie · 13/08/2006 18:23

£60!!! what for one child?

I only pay £80 per day (net) and that is for a nanny for baby twins, and I am in London.

cece · 13/08/2006 18:46

I used to pay £65 for two days, for ds who was 2, so all day. Also dd to take to and pick up from school! Also London. That included all food, trips etc. Never asked to pay for extras!

cye · 13/08/2006 19:19

cost seems to vary such a lot, even in london. the cms i am seeing are all from the lists from the local authorities near us. the problem seems to be the good ones don't have places and those that do aren't ideal... i just dont' think i can stretch to £60 although i quite understand cm is a business and if they live in london, their mortgages etc are high like everyone elses! maybe if i could find the perfect person i could do it but not for someone who isn't 100% (but is that realistic? does the perfect person exist or am i going to have to get real? i dunno...)

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Judy1234 · 14/08/2006 12:00

I got our "perfect person" by a small ad in the local paper. Got over 60 replies although most couldn't speak coherently on the phone. People who charge more aren't always better. I've never used a child minder though, just had someone come here and we've had 5 children so usually got quite good value out of the care.

cye · 14/08/2006 22:22

Thanks Xenia - that's a good thought if i can't get a cm sorted out in time. You're right about price and quality not being linked - the cm we did have was excellent and only £35/day!

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