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Childminder's Club:I feel really offended

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Norton · 09/08/2006 19:53

This is an alter ego I have used occasionally

Today's it's cos I feel a bit vunerable with all the MN in the press stuff

A parent who had booked a weeks holiday (nearly 2 months ago) has announced that it is cancelled & I would be having the children as normal

Not "could I..." or "would I...." but that I was

I could have done with a little more notice & I don't have a problem having the children (it is their space after all) - it was just the way my life was assumed to be irrelevant and unimportant. I mean like I work for her or something?

Sorry about the rant (& the name change)

OP posts:
throckenholt · 09/08/2006 19:54

tell her next time - she was lucky you had no other plans, but warn her she may not be so lucky another time.

That makes your point without being nasty about it.

proudofmyboobs · 09/08/2006 20:05

Oh dear, I know what you mean, it's not that you are having the children, it's that she told you that you were having them, not asked if you could have them, huh, it would be all the same if you had booked yourself a holiday in that week! People!

jellyjelly · 09/08/2006 20:34

Can i suggest that alot of us know who you are norton, so another name change might be good.

I cant even change my name on here.

But i do agree what a cheek.

lunavix · 09/08/2006 20:39

I've had parents cancel days off/holidays at the drop of a hat too. I've also got school age kid parents who expect me to have their kids when they are sick - I've made a biggish point since a big spate of this that sick kids don't really fit into the CMing day - so they started lying and saying it's things that aren't contagious (eg sore leg!)

Like other threads have said, we must be one of v. few professions that are on average taken the piddle out of for being paid late too. Yet people say their kids are their most precious of all things...

Katymac · 09/08/2006 22:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Norton · 09/08/2006 22:46


OP posts:
dmo · 10/08/2006 09:48

i hate the fact that parents assume they employ us and pay our wages
its codswalamp we as selp-employed persons pay our own tax etc and choose who we look after and what our hours are
one parent once said to me "i feel funny employing you" my responce was "you dont" wanted to say more but........
one parents once said to a c/m friend that it was not far as she was having an extension built with money she had paid her, and that she would love an extension but she had to pay childcare. what the f*

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