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can i claim for internet usage?

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zoeuk1 · 09/08/2006 17:01

i was wondering if i can claim a percentage of my internet bill? all the mindees i have use it for about half an hour each, each day and i was wondering if it can be classed as an expense? does anyone else?

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dmo · 09/08/2006 19:26

yes i do
as you can claim for telephone why not
i claim 40% of internet


lunavix · 09/08/2006 19:34

I've been wondering this. I have an ntl package which is tv, phone and internet, plus I have a dvd subscription package too.

We only have a home phone because of me CMing, we both prefer our mobiles. During the hours of 8 - 6 the tv always seems to be on sodding spongebob squarepants (NOT our choice!) and even when it isn't it's obviously off because I'm not watching tv. We have the internet for me to do internet food shopping as I can't get to the supermarket, and during the holidays our dvd package is usually only delivering ps2 games for the boys, then the rest of the time it's usually 1/3 ps2 games.

But this is quite a lot in total... £63 a month ish? I don't know what percentage is realistic.


dmo · 09/08/2006 19:38

as you use it mostly for work i would say 75% would be ok
i wouldnt be pleased though if my child was watching tv most of day!
dont use my tv at all (very mean) my ds's only allowed 2 hrs per day thats 1 hrs simpsons at tea time then morning tv for an hour


lunavix · 09/08/2006 19:49

lol it's not the same kids!

My ds has 30 min of tv a day tops (granted he is only two) - and that's the two episodes of boogie beebies on in the morning! I love watching him dance

I have three older boy mindees between 7 and 10, and their parents are adamant they get to choose what they do when we're indoors. No stress over what it is, as long as they're happy. One I can easily engage in activities, one is an outdoors-free-spirit, and the other is a tv addict. We're going out so much these holidays just to get him off it! And everytime I speak to his mum she just grins and goes 'thats xx for you!' funny though cos his brother is so different!

I do put time limits etc on it, but some days (today was one) all I seemed to hear was that blooming theme tune.


zoeuk1 · 09/08/2006 20:38

i only have the children part time so i would have to work out how much we pay for each hour and then claim for hourly use i think. if we pay £20 per month for internet thats 67p a day. so if its used for say 2 hours a day for childminding i'll claim about 30p a day. doesnt sound much but all adds up i guess!

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